Let’s be adventurous! Roadtripping from Brisbane to Airlie Beach

Posted by Christina   July 17th, 2014

We have just found an awesome itinerary on TripAdvisor from Brisbane to Airlie Beach – also check out our itinerary from Cairns to Airlie that we posted earlier this week. Read on …

This route has been frequently asked on the Australian Forum, so I have decided to create a Go-List which may assist travellers who are thinking of exploring this region or route in Australia.


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5 Essential Things You Must Do Within Your First 48 Hours In Australia

Posted by Christina   July 11th, 2014

Here is a list of the most important things you gotta do after you have arrived in Australia. Do not wait a day or two to get these tasks organised, do not sleep through the day – instead drop your luggage at your hostel, have a cuppa, and up you go to get things started so they are out of the way and your Australia adventure can begin.

photo 1First thing you do after you have arrived in Australia, pick up a copy of “On Arrival” magazine at the airport; it contains lots of ideas, information and helpful websites. Also, it often feautures a map which will help you get familiar with the city. If you are after a true local experience and you fancy art, furniture, fashion and coffee, try to watch out for the free Urban Walkabout guides, available for all suburbs of the main cities.

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The Wheel Deal: 5 Things To Avoid When Buying A Car

Posted by Christina   July 4th, 2014

Buying a vehicle for your Australian adventure is undoubtedly the best way to see everything that you want to see, at your own pace. If you buy and sell ‘correctly’, it’s also going to work out considerably cheaper than the other options available to you!

However, it’s not all plain sailing! You need to be aware of the perils and pitfalls which await the inexperienced player. Here are our top five things to avoid.

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5 Things To Look Out For Before Renting A Campervan

Posted by Bastian   June 27th, 2014

Never driven a manual? Don’t have a credit card? Suitcase too big to fit into your van?

Today’s story comes from the heart – there is nothing worse than getting ready for your road trip to only get held back due to a “technicality”. Below, we have come up with some necessities to watch out for before hiring a car or campervan.


Home-AloneIf you can drive a manual vehicle you won’t need to stress – however if you can’t you might be in trouble.Heaps of customers often are only familiar to travel in an automatic vehicle & are shattered when discovering on pick-up that their booked van is manual transmission. So before booking your campervan make sure you are comfortable with its transmission – it is super easy to switch from manual to automatic – however the other way around is not something that can be taught in 5 minutes…

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Australia’s 5 Best Campervan Drives

Posted by Alicia   June 23rd, 2014

Once you start to appreciate the vastness of Australia, you also start to realise that there’s only one way to truly explore her. Yep, the road trip. Add campervan or motorhome and you get to call all the shots – where you go, when you go, and when and where you sleep.

With your campervan hire sorted, it’s time to hit up one of Australia’s best drives.

Gibson Steps Sunset Jan 2013

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