5 Must Sees In Every State

Posted by Anna   July 28th, 2015

Australia is not only the world’s sixth largest country, the sheer size of its natural attractions and landmarks is also truly impressive. With amazing national parks and deserts that are larger than whole countries combined, the vastness of this country contributes to why it’s so unique. This makes it even more difficult to make a decision on places to visit during your road trip. To give you some inspiration Travellers Autobarn has listed our top 5 must sees in every state. Enjoy!

Western Australia

1. Karijini National Park, Pilbara, is a place unlike any other. Remote, isolated and under-serviced it is remarkable anyone visits it at all. However the touring coaches, campers and caravans pour into the place. The countryside is as harsh as it is stunning and the summer temperatures are scorching. Climbing down into each unique gorge to finally swim in a crystal clear rock pool is breathtaking.

Knox Gorge at Karijini National Park by www.instagram.com/a_sardinian_nomad


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How To Create The Perfect Soundtrack To Your Australian Adventure

Posted by Anna   July 22nd, 2015

Whether you are lazing in the sun on one of Australia’s many beaches, cruising into the sunset on an epic road trip or hosting a BBQ for new mates, it’s important to remember that an amazing playlist can make all the difference to your experience.

A great playlist is so much more than just a list of songs. A well-crafted playlist is a work of art, and when done well it can be the soundtrack to some of your most memorable moments in Australia.

Now, there are no hard and fast rules to creating the perfect playlist and everybody is different. But there are some general guidelines to help you on your way to becoming the respected ‘Chief Playlist Creator’ for you and your mates.


 Photo via Glamour

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An Insider’s Guide To Camping Around Brisbane

Posted by Anna   July 15th, 2015

There’s plenty of camping hotspots that aren’t too far of a drive from Brisbane. Leave the hustle and bustle of the city and stock up marshmallows, fly spray and get in touch with nature.

To make your life easier Travellers Autobarn has created an insider’s guide to camping around Brisbane. Where to go, what to do etc. etc. Enjoy!

Bunya Mountains

The campings grounds in the Bunya Mountains are extensive, from luxurious chalets to stock standard camping grounds for budget travellers. It’s a mountain range that forms the northern edge of the Darling Downs near Bell and Dalby, making it great place for hiking.

3 hours drive west from Brisbane


Image Source: Pinterest

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Top 10 Essential Roadtrip Rules

Posted by Anna   July 8th, 2015

Road trips are a great activity. If you do it right, you end up with good friends and amazing stories. To avoid a hellish and monotonous roadtrip Travellers Autobarn has compiled a list of 10 essential roadtrip rules to help you on your way to the ultimate roadtrip.                         

1. Sort Out Your Sh*t

If you’re going to go on a road trip you need a vehicle, and if you don’t have one then you’ve got yourself a problem. Once you’ve got the vehicle, make sure it’s one that everybody knows how to drive. Don’t be the only manual driver in a car full of automatic-only drivers. Don’t forget to do all the practical things like get the oil, tyres and water checked before you leave, and make sure you’ve got back-ups in case of emergency. Travellers Autobarn offers something for everyone. We have stationwagons but also campervans that can fit up to 5 people.

2. Choose A Worthwhile Destination

Jumping in a car and heading nowhere might sound ideal for an hour or so, but in the end you’re going to want to be heading somewhere. It’s good to approach a road trip with at least an idea or framework for what you’d like to do. Nothing is more disappointing than realizing on the ride home that you forgot to see or do something and it’s too late. Have a list of things that are important to do and map out where they are in relation to each other, so you can accomplish things efficiently.



                Photo by Olive Cooke

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