5 Essential Aussie Bucket List Experiences

Posted by Anna   February 8th, 2016

Australia is an enormous country blessed with a variety of different landscapes, activities enough for multiple trips, and attractions for absolutely every taste. Whether you are a competitive tanner, diver, surfer, backpacker or wildlife enthusiast, you need to experience the following 5 essential Aussie bucket list experiences!

1. Snorkelling The Ningaloo Reef (W.A.)

Snorkelling the Ningaloo Reef of Western Australia’s Coral Coast is an absolute must if you’re visiting Western Australia. Ningaloo Reef is home to incredible marine life and with the reef starting just metres from the shore, you don’t have to go far to spot rare turtles, manta rays and vibrant tropical fish in its pristine water.

Ningaloo Reef

Photo by shannonstentimages.com

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Win A Weekend Road Trip – Submit your photo and WIN!

Posted by Anna   January 22nd, 2016

We are Explorers and Travellers Autobarn are joining adventure forces to offer 3 long weekend road trips to 3 sets of lucky winners in Sydney.

What’s the Deal
Depending on the direction you escape Sydney, the open road offers Weekend Wanderlusters the allure of sun-kissed vistas, winding coastlines, epic mountain-scapes, unexpected twists and turns, and encounters with friendly locals…2 legged, 4 legged and maybe even 0 legged.

One thing’s fo sho though: weekend roadies always deliver one heck of microadventure.

The Prize
We’re sending 3 sets of friends in 3 different directions from beautiful Sydney:

Up the North Coast
Down the South Coast
Out West through the Mountains


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Discover the East Coast: Road trip Sydney to Byron Bay to Brisbane

Posted by Anna   January 21st, 2016

The Pacific Highway from Sydney to Brisbane is also known as The Legendary Pacific Coast.  It’s by far one of the most popular and sought-after road trips in Australia. The 1000km long scenic drive takes you on an adventure through lush national parks, stunning beaches, rolling green hills of the hinterland, and small yet vibrant off the beaten track towns full of charisma and authentic Australian culture.

Sydney to Byron Bay: 796km (Approx  9 hours)
Byron Bay to Brisbane: 181km (Approx. 3 hours)

Photo by @prettyradstore (via IG)
Photo by @prettyradstore (via IG)
Photo found on Kellyellamaz.com

Photo found on Kellyellamaz.com

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6 Top Free Activities in Brisbane

Posted by Ruth   January 14th, 2016

Brisbane, the beautiful capital of Queensland is full of natural wonders and activities suited perfectly for travelers looking for an adventure in a sunny and vibrant city. Park up your Travelers Autobarn campervan and enjoy the following activities that won’t make a dent in your budget!

1. Explore South Bank

South Bank is the vibrant area on the riverside right across from the Brisbane City centre. Walk along Little Stanley Street or take a dip in Streets Beach before enjoying some live music while overlooking the Brisbane skyscrapers behind a slowly fading sunset. Sounds like a lovely (and romantic) afternoon!

@visitsouthbank (IG)

@visitsouthbank (IG)

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Australian Roadtrip – top 5 tips for distance travellers

Posted by Bastian   January 12th, 2016

Australia…is there any better country out there for a roadtrip? Okay, some come very close however the best way to discover our beautiful country is by your own 4 wheels.

One of the most common mistakes many drivers do is to underestimate the challenges of a long road trip…especially if you hire a campervan or car. So here are a few tips from us…


Brisbane to Cairns – it doesn’t look too far on the map – but it is! It is 2000 KM and if you manage to do 800 KM in a day you are a real champion (HOWEVER – please don’t!) – anything less than 14 days is really not worth the effort! Darwin to Perth is a whooping 4500 km – you really should be taking 3 weeks for those KM! Sydney to Melbourne – 10 days are more than enough and will allow you to chill out plenty of times during your trip! Darwin to Cairns – 4000 KM – you better off getting the plane – there is not much to see in between and you better take a tour in Darwin to see Kakadu National Park and all the other parks.

Photo via stampboards.com

Photo via stampboards.com

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