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Australia’s Best Campervan-Friendly Holiday Parks

Posted by Alicia   October 29th, 2014


All set for your campervan adventure in Australia?

Before you hit play on your road-trip playlist and set off, there’s something you need to know: no matter which part of the country you’re road-tripping across, a couple of good holiday parks along the way are essential.

Making these much-needed stops will give you time to breathe, recharge and take some time off the road.

Here are our picks for the best campervan-friendly holiday parks Australia-wide:

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Best Campervan Trips Around Brisbane

Posted by Bastian   October 17th, 2014


Brisbane is one of the most popular “drive-through” destinations in Australia – which is great as there is lots to see and lots to do within a short radius of the city. You’re guaranteed to want to spend some time exploring regardless of whether you’re travelling up, or down the coast. Here are a few of our faves:


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A day in the life of a backpacker

Posted by Carys   October 8th, 2014


A day in the life of a backpacker.


You wake up at the unthinkable time of 7am due to the sunshine flooding in the windows. You try to go back to sleep, but you can’t. The day is beckoning!


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Best Campervan Trips Around Sydney

Posted by Bastian   October 2nd, 2014

Sydney is by far the most popular destination in Australia – it is also the busiest city when it comes to “campervanners”. Everyone wants to pick-up a camper in Sydney and travel up or down the East Coast! So what are the best stops outside of Sydney? If you’re prepared to travel for a couple of hours, we recommend the following…



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