How to backpack on a budget… for skint travellers in the New Year!

Posted by Carys   December 18th, 2014


Australia isn’t the most expensive place in the world, equally it’s not the cheapest. We understand that whilst you’re on this side of the planet you will want to make the most of everything and try to experience everything you possibly can! Therefore, we’ve put together a pretty handy list of how to have the ultimate backpacking experience without having to remortgage your parents house.

Steffi Baettig_Winner2

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Perth – another reason to check out the west.

Posted by Carys   December 10th, 2014


Perth is the capital of Western Australia and officially has more hours of sunshine than any other City in Australia, a title it’s proud to own.


Western Australia lies in the southern hemisphere and covers a rather hefty 2.5 million kms, a land mass that is hard to imagine! In addition to the long daylight hours it also has beautiful white sand, some of the oldest living cultures on earth, unbelievable surf, premium wines and an outback as wide as the eye can see. A lot of tourists are amazed to learn that Perth is actually closer to Jakarta, Indonesia than Australia’s eastern cities, this should give you some idea as to just how huge this country is.

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Spending Christmas day in Australia!

Posted by Carys   December 3rd, 2014

It’s the beginning of December… for people all around the world that means that Christmas is on its way! Despite any religious beliefs, most people partake in or are at least aware of this holiday and love to get involved in the festiveness that comes along with it!

For many travellers in Australia, the idea of spending Christmas day and the holiday surrounding the 25th in a hot climate with ‘shrimp on the barbie’ (sorry I had to say it), seems a bit surreal. However, that’s the norm this side of the world. Don’t expect snow, lit fireplaces, turkey dinner and sledging… but don’t fret, here’s a list of things you CAN expect in Australia at Christmas.


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Sydney’s Best Holiday Parks for Backpackers

Posted by Alicia   November 27th, 2014

Sydney is one of Australia’s most vibrant, beautiful and oldest cities. As well as being home to the iconic Opera House, the world famous harbour bridge and interesting inner city suburbs. But it comes as a cost.

Hostel prices are at a premium, especially during Silly Season, and unless you have booked ahead of arrival – there’s a good chance there will be no room at the inn.

However, there are cheaper and more reliable alternatives.

Staying in a holiday park may not put you right in the centre of the city, but it’s an accessible and affordable alternative to bunking up in a crowded hostel.

Plus, you get to enjoy both worlds – enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city, while still being able to relax and enjoy the great Australian outdoors that surround Sydney.


sydney holiday parks for backpackers

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The Island state that is… Tasmania

Posted by Carys   November 20th, 2014

Tasmania, officially the destination with the cleanest air in the world.

In our opinion, if you’re travelling around Australia, or looking for somewhere for a holiday – a visit to Tasmania should definitely not be missed.The Island is the 26th largest in the world and sits 240kms South of Melbourne. Almost half of Tasmania lies in reserves, national parks and world heritage sites. The stunning island is well known for its unique fauna, flora and diverse vegetation, many fauna species are in fact unique to Tasmania – meaning if you want to see it, you have to visit! Unlike parts of Australia, Tasmania has four distinct seasons and temperatures drop down relatively low during the winter months, so be prepared!


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