7 Things Everyone Should Know about Travelling Around Australia

Posted by Alicia   January 22nd, 2015

travelling in australia

So, you’re thinking of travelling around ‘straya?


The land of shrimps on the barbie, Skippy the kangaroo, unlimited sunshine and home to some of the most livable cities in the world.


But before you rock up and try to order yourself a pint of Fosters – here are a few things you should know about travelling in Australia.


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5 different things to do and see on the East Coast!

Posted by Carys   January 14th, 2015

Coming to the Australian east coast anytime soon? Keen to visit this huge area but don’t know where to start?

Here’s a guide of “not so typical tourism destinations” consisting of little gems and forgotten things we’re sure you’ll both enjoy and never forget!

Flying high in Byron Bay

Want to do one of the most incredible things you’ll ever get to do in your life? Not afraid of heights? Then drive to Byron Bay and jump one of the most amazing skydive spots in the world! Skydive onto the beach and see the amazing Australian landscapes with your own eyes from 14,000 feet ;-)

So are you ready for the ultimate adrenalin rush with no experience required?! NEW YEAR, NEW YOU, take the plunge in 2015!

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5 hints which will help you stay out of trouble on your road trip…

Posted by Bastian   January 8th, 2015


The best way to see Australia…. is by campervan – hands down.

Travelling by campervan allows you to have total freedom, a real authentic experience and in general, just a great road trip. To ensure that you travel safe & sound and are not hit by any nasty surprises at the end of your travel we’ve put together a list of most typical mistakes made by campervan customers…


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Essential guide: Top tips for your campervan trip in Australia

Posted by Alicia   December 24th, 2014

Are you thinking about living the campervan life on a tour Down Under, but don’t know where to start?

There is nothing quite like the sense of complete freedom you experience on a campervan trip, not knowing where you will pull up at the end of the day, what you will see or who you will meet on the way.


If you are a campervan newbie then here are some top tips for travelling around Australia.
campervan hire in australia

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Old School V New School – The evolution continues

Posted by Carys   December 23rd, 2014


It’s been a massive 2014 for Travellers Autobarn – Australia. Behind the scenes we have been crazy busy,  working hard to improve the experience for all our customers. The year has been very rewarding for staff and customers alike. The customer feedback has been out of this world. 

During just the last half of 2014 we have moved and/or upgraded ALL 6 TAB branches; SYDNEY, BRISBANE, CAIRNS, DARWIN, PERTH & MELBOURNE. Now that’s busy stuff, but during all this we managed to keep a smooth flow of delivering vehicles to customers, watching sales figures climb and customer service metrics take huge leaps.

We’ve adopted the McDonald’s approach and standardised the workshops nationwide, upgrading and installing new workshop equipment and procedures, and installed Free Wifi and USB Device Charging hubs at all locations.

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