FAQ’s – Campervan Travels and Your Electronics

Posted by Ruth   August 24th, 2016


You’re ready to head on your backpacking adventure, but not without your electronics! Most of us have at least a few gadgets we simply can’t do without.  When travelling with your laptops, tablets, cell phones, DVD players, or other electronics you want to be sure to keep them protected.

These FAQ’s should help you when it comes to protecting your electronics while on the road.

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Driving in Australia: What you need to know

Posted by Anna   August 2nd, 2016

When driving a car or campervan for the first time in a new country it can be a bit daunting. Not only may it be your first time driving a campervan, but maybe this is also your first time driving on the other side of the road. To help you feel prepared and at ease we’ve put together this article about driving in Australia: what you need to know. It’s worth remembering that Australia is a big country made up of six states and each state and territory has slightly different rules. This article isn’t going to be a full blown list of all the rules for each state (this post would go on forever!), but we’re gonna highlight some key points. We recommend doing some extra research before entering each state to make sure you’re up to scratch.

Driving in Australia

(Source: Instagram @zanonessexy)

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On the Road with Tasia – Road Trip to Uluru

Posted by Anna   August 2nd, 2016

Our Marketing Coordinator, Tasia, did this drive last year with friends and shares her epic road trip adventure.

“We were living near Waikerie (citrus capital of Australia), South Australia  picking oranges as part of our regional work to get our second year visa. We were randomly faced with one week with no work, so rather than sitting around where there’s nothing to do, in the middle of nowhere, we thought lets do a road trip! We stocked up on supplies a.k.a anzac biscuits and hit the road first thing in the morning. Mrs Sam, our very eccentric and crazy hard working Cambodian contractor really didn’t want us to go on the trip, trying to horrify us with stories about how dangerous the drive is. We knew what she was trying to do… she didn’t want us to leave the farm as she thought we wouldn’t come back and work for her. But there was no way we were staying there for that week. We took some of her advice though and avoided driving at dusk, dawn and night… didn’t wanna hit any kangaroos or I would cry!


insta @bwilson.3 - Copy

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How to sell your car in Australia

Posted by Anna   August 1st, 2016

So you’ve completed your epic adventure in your campervan or car around Australia, sure it’s been great and you’re sad to say goodbye to Sheila, or whatever you decided to name your trusty vehicle, but you could definitely do with some extra $$$ right now. Selling your car doesn’t have to be back breaking work, the demand to buy is constantly there, so we’ll share with you some top tips on how to sell your car in Australia. Selling to fellow backpackers is an easy and recommended option. They’re the ones who are most likely looking to buy a car upfront with little fuss, they will probably rejoice at the fact that you might be throwing in tables and chairs with it, and importantly they will also value the fact that if it has taken you across Australia already, then it’s a reliable little thing and won’t let them down either.


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How to lighten your backpacking load without losing too much comfort: campervan hire Australia FAQs

Posted by Ruth   July 27th, 2016

Here at Travellers Autobarn, we get a lot of questions about how to shave off that extra bit of weight when backpacking in Australia, as well as other packing-related queries. As a result, we thought we’d condense some of the FAQs into one handy post so you’ll be well prepared when you turn up in our wonderful country for your campervans Australia adventure.


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