On the road with Courtney – What Van Life Means To Us

Posted by Anna   October 19th, 2016

This weeks blog post comes from the awesome Courtney from Toronto, who went on an epic campervan trip from Darwin to Perth in September/ October 2016. We are stoked to hear that she loved her Kuga campervan – nothing makes us happier than our road trippers having an awesome time! She shares her adventure with us and describes what van life means to her.

Van Life is so special. There is so much romance built up around van life and it’s all so freakin right! I don’t know how to describe it without being so so cheesy, but then again some of my friends actually call me cheesy court. There is just something so refreshing, liberating, freeing and exciting about van life. Everything we need is in this van, got our fridge, our vino, our bed, some books, a journal, a good playlist and each other.

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The Sunshine Coast: Your Next Campervan Road Trip

Posted by Anna   October 17th, 2016

Australia’s Sunshine Coast is one of the most beautiful stretches of land in the country, offering comfortable temperatures all year round. Even in the winter, temperatures average about 21 degrees, making this an ideal escape from the cold in other areas of Australia. In the summer, temperatures reach about 29 degrees – perfect beach weather! To fully appreciate the beauty of this region, a campervan road trip gives you ample opportunity to stop and enjoy the scenery. Here at Travellers Autobarn, we were recently featured in a Bupa Travel Insurance article about the best road trips in Australia, with our campervan hire services offering the perfect way to get away from it all and enjoy your holiday.

The sunshine coast

(Source: Instagram @spelldesigns)

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How to not feel lonely when travelling solo?

Posted by Anna   October 6th, 2016

Travelling solo is extremely liberating and something everyone needs to try at least once in their life. Everything you decide to do is up to you and you really have complete freedom over your trip. It’s actually a lot easier to meet people when you are travelling solo because someone on their own is a lot easier to approach, than say, a group of seven people. That being said, although it can be easier to get chatting to strangers when you’re on your own, you are also more likely to experience random bouts of loneliness than if you were travelling with friends. This is probably the only negative factor when it comes to solo travel, and pretty easy to avoid or overcome if you follow these simple tips.



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Roadtrip Selfie Contest

Posted by Anna   October 4th, 2016

How does $250 back from off your rental sound? Would be pretty awesome yeah?

For all you road trippers renting with us throughout October you’ve got the opportunity to get $250 back from your rental. Woohoo extra spending money for whatever suits your fancy (let’s face it, probably beers!)

Roadtrip Selfie Contest

*T&C’s apply

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Top 5 Epic Australian Bucket List Experiences

Posted by Ruth   September 28th, 2016

With its stunning coastline, tropical beaches, abundant wildlife, bustling cities, and iconic landscape, Australia offers something for everyone. What’s more, its unique environment means that you can enjoy experiences here that you cannot have anywhere else in the world. Therefore, many of Australia’s attractions appear on people’s bucket lists. The following is a list of the top five epic Australian bucket list experiences. No Australian road trip would be complete without them!


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