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10 Must-Have Apps when Camping

Posted by Amy, 02 Mar, 2017

Travelling is all about discovering something new and exciting and modern day technology has become part of this once rustic experience. These are the 10 must-have apps for camping that we have trialled and loved using.

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Image: Uluru – Instagram @howtoroamtheworld

  1. Travellers Autobarn App

Travellers Autobarn App

This free app gives you full access to loads of useful information before you start your journey and while you’re on the road. You can see all our current deals, how to report accidents, information on how to pay road tolls, nearby camping sites, you can even get a quote! Instead of constantly needing to search the internet for information , it is all right there at your fingertips with our app.

  1. First-Aid Australian Red Cross

Campervan rental Australia

No matter if it is in a tent, van or yes even a motel; staying safe while travelling is key.
Australia is a vast country and has many amazing creatures inhabiting it, although, many of these beautiful species are quite deadly. This free first aid app gives you instant access to all the information you could possibly need to know when handling an injury requiring first aid. With step by step instructions guiding you, knowing how to administer first aid has never been easier.

  1. Offline Survival Guide

Campervan Rental Australia

We all like to believe that our trip will be picture perfect, however, sometimes we do need to be prepared for the difficulties and this app provides just that. Providing information from planning first aid kits and surviving in difficult climates to knowing what to do if you find yourself without food, water and shelter; this app will cover every fear you have about travelling and getting lost.

  1. Wifi Finder

Campervan rental Australia

I know we all like to think that we can easily get along without our technology, but sometimes we need to connect online – whether it be to connect on social media, access emails, or simply find the best place to have a coffee before beginning the long trip ahead. This app helps you find your nearest Wi-Fi hotspot (even offline) and gives you directions on how to get there. Now it is even easier to find that perfect morning breakfast spot so you can show everyone what you’re eating!

  1. ATM Finder

Campervan rental Australia

Is it just me or does everyone else find it pesky trying to locate your nearest ATM? Thank goodness for this app otherwise I would be lost. Allowing me to find an ATM within 1 to 10kms of my location makes it easier to race down the street to get money out for the morning coffee truck, or even needing to split a dinner bill with friends.

  1. WikiCamps Australia

Campervan Rental Australia

If you are anything like me, planning in advance is a necessary for a stress free holiday. Sometimes it can be difficult to find places to stay if you’re not confident in knowledge of the destination. This app is a great addition to any trip – it provides you with a free trial of 14 days, after that you need to upgrade to the full versions which costs $7.99. However, even the trial version is awesome! It allows you to download maps so you can use it offline, it is incredibly easy to use, and provides you with maps and site lists of campgrounds, caravan and RV parks, backpacker hostels, Day Stops and Information Centres.

  1. Beachsafe

Campervan Rental Australia

Australia is known for its beautiful beaches, so visiting them is a must when travelling. However, despite being beautiful there can still be dangers involved. This app allows you to view how safe a beach, when the tides are, and if there are lifeguards on sight. Even if you don’t know the name of the beach you can still use your GPS locator to find out what beaches are closest to you. It also provides you with information on what to do if you get caught in rip tides, rough waves, even injured by rocks or reefs.

  1. BOM Weather

Campervan Rental Australia

Ever had that disappointing moment when you’re all ready to go out and all of a sudden bad weather hits. Well thank goodness for this app; keeping you up-to-date with all the current weather conditions, forecasts and warnings, being blinded by the weather is history. This is definitely a must have app, especially if you’re camping as it will allow you to book the right coverage you need if there is rain forecast.

  1. Australia Country Guide

Campervan rental Australia

For some carrying around the travel clunky travel guide books is all part of the experience, but sometimes you need that extra space for buying little souvenirs on your travels. Well this app allows you to do just that. This guide app will allow you to explore all your favourite places, see what the most popular sights are at a glance and plan your trip. Allowing you to use it 100% offline, it will make recommendations on where to go, what you see but also give you travel tips along the way from other travellers using the app.

  1. AllTrails – Hiking & Biking

Campervan Rental Australia

To see some of the beautiful sites around Australia may involve hiking through a National Park or even having the choice of taking a bike ride; either way this app will provide you with detailed descriptions of the various trails that are around you, but also show you the physical rating, reviews from other hikers and allow you to download the map for offline use. You are also able record your walk for future use, or maybe even to boast to other how far you travelled.

So now you’ve downloaded all your apps for your travels, time to suss out out your next road trip. Look no further than Travellers Autobarn for all your road trip needs – happy and friendly team, we specialise in campervan rentals and sales in Australia and New Zealand.

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  2. Anna on

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