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Weather Warning – Cars Are NOT Boats!

Posted by Amy, 11 Jan, 2017

flooding in NSW and QLD

Powerful cyclones are expected to be hitting certain regions of Northern WA in the coming days. Heavy rain and storms could see roads quickly flooding, making them unsuitable for driving.

Just a quick reminder for your Aussie adventures.


It may not be the 20 cms deep all the way across as you might think it is.

Nearly HALF of all FLOOD RELATED Deaths related to Motor Vehicle use and OVER a QUARTER related to inappropriate or HIGH-RISK BEHAVIOUR DURING FLOODS, according to the Australian Centre for Emergency Medicine

You have NO DAMAGE LIABILITY for any DAMAGE CAUSED to the vehicle as a result of driving through or immersing the vehicle in WATER, or in layman’s terms – WE will charge you the FULL COST of any damage to the vehicle if you ignore this advice.

It will make no difference to your liability if you try the following excuses:

  • “other cars were doing it”
  • “the roadworker/SES worker/The Police directed me to drive through the water” – The car and whether or not the car should be driven through the water is NOT their responsibility it’s YOURS and ONLY YOURS.

So, ask yourself, what’s the RUSH? Call our office on 1800 674 374 and see if you can benefit from our experience…..whatever your problem we’ve probably faced a similar problem before and may have a possible strategy that you may not have considered.

But at the end of the day….sometimes the only thing to do is wait for the flood waters to go down, which is generally only a few days….I repeat generally……Anything is possible in Australia, it’s a wild untamed land, and THAT’S PART OF THE REASON YOU DECIDED TO VISIT!


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