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Introducing our Hi5 Camper – Travellers Autobarn

Posted by Bastian, 28 Nov, 2011


TO ALL CUSTOMERS & AGENTS,Hi5 Camper Australia

Travellers Autobarn is launching its newest addition to our great range of budget campervans – the Hi5 Camper. The Hi5 Camper is very different & unique to our other campervans and we would like to outline some of its key features:




The Hi5 Camper is our first Automatic Transmission campervan. We understand that many people these days only have a drive licence for Automatic Vehicles, so now if you have a regular licence for Automatic cars only then the you’ll be glad we have the Hi5 – Previously all we could have offered people with Auto only Driver’s licences would have been one of our station wagons with camping gear.  Bastian, our marketing dude, took it for a weekend trip and absolutely loved it (well, you’d expect an employee to say that wouldn’t you! But if you knew Bastian……he’s quite a demanding little so & so…) : “There is nothing better during traffic time than an automatic campervan – so much easier and much more relaxing while you are driving”.


It is not just another Hitop or Deluxe, the pictures do not do it justice, – it is much ROOMIER! It is made for 4 – 5 people but that’s not the best news – you can not only sit inside the van – you can actually stand in it – and we mean guys that are two metres high!!! Yes, you have read correctly – you can be two metres high and still stand in it! Priceless!!! And look at all the space inside the van – you can easily sit eight people around the table…..

It’s worth repeating that while the daily rate is important with any rental camper, when you are LIVING in a vehicle for weeks then SPACE becomes the absolute NUMBER ONE most valued criteria……Don’t let your campervan choce ruin your holdiday because you went for something no bigger than a box.


This camper can sleep up to five PEOPLE – kind of……..but in reality as it features two double beds – the bottom double bed is 2.1 metres wide and if three people don’t mind to cuddle up a bit, then yes it can be said to sleep 5, Otherwise it’s really a 4 Berth. BE AWARE: If you don’t like to share your bed with another two people (of course, it is every guy’s fantasy to share his bed with another two girls lol) than you probably should only rent this camper with up to four people in total. Also, if you are a bit taller or bigger (read Dutch or German) we also advise to only hire this van as a maximum of four people.


2 Adults & 3 Kids – YES

1 Adult $ 4 Kids – YES

3 Adults & 2 Kids – MAYBE ….1 adult & 2 kids would need to share the lower bed

4 Adults – YES

5 Adults – MAYBE ………5 young adults looking to save on costs and ok with the concept of 3 people in one bed then sure go for it, but 5 mature Adults…..maybe not.


YES, finally – the Hi5 is the first camper that will allow parents to bring their kids along (sorry guys, I know you just loved to use this excuse to get on a holiday without your kids).  You can fit  up to two baby seats (typical kids between the age of six month to four years) OR up to three booster seats (from the age of four onwards) – or any combinations of the two. So, to make it easy – there is space for up to three kids (who requirer a baby/booster seat) – no more than two baby seats can be used at any time. BE AWARE: The minimum age of your kids has to be six month!

The 2 anchor points for baby capsules / baby seats (not booster seats) are ONLY to be found on the REAR seat in the back of the van. Parents please note that whilst the van is in motion you will not be able to reach any kids who are in child restraints on the reat seat. So, if you child drops a toy, looses a dummy or needs your attention, you will have to stop the vehicle and open the side door to enter and attend to the child.


The fridget is just massive – it will be able to hold enough food for five travellers for 1-2 days of fresh food. – it even comes with a small freezer for the lazy bunch of us that like to use “microwave” food ;-). But like any trip in a campervan in Australia, THINK CAMPING, it’s not an apartment on wheels it’s a CAMPER….VAN so don’t get too sophiscated with your menus.


Well, as we all know, 4-5 people who travel around Australia may have a lot of luggage. The only possible criticism of the Hi5 is it’s limited storage space. Lugagge storage in the Hi5 Camper is a bit of a challenge for five people, especially if you are not well organised (that be the guys…).  If you are five people you need to be prepared to be a bit more flexible with your luggage and need to be smart about it – at the end of the day you don’t want to feel like tuna in a can…

DO NOT BRING ANY HARD SUITCASES & TRAVEL LIGHT – buy things as needed, don’t pack everything “just in case”.


You must be thinking “Wow, such a great camper – it must be expensive!” and you’d be WRONG! It’s basically the per person cost of our other vehicles times 5. Imagine how much a hostel would cost for 4-5 people – easily $100 – if you are satisfied with a 16 man-dorm room! If you want to go into an 8 man dorm room you are looking easily at $150 for five people! And guess what – our Hi5 doesnt even cost $150/day (except for over X-mas/NYE – then again, you not gonna get a night at hostel for under $50 during this season). So be smart and divide the costs between the whole group – compare it to your hostel & bus costs – IT IS SSSSOOOO MUCH CHEAPER!!!

Ok, enough from us – check out these cool pics and get a quote online or call us on 1800 674 374!!!



4 thoughts on "Introducing our Hi5 Camper - Travellers Autobarn"

  1. Bastian Graf on

    Great for seeing Oz - took it up to Umina Beach at the Central Coast and had a blast - highly recommended even if you are just two/three people!!!

  2. Martin Hoefling on

    Is this Hi5 camper available in USA New York? What´s about the costs (2 adults and 3 children (16,13,11 years) for 2 weeks in august (2nd - 15nd)? Thank you for your answer. Martin

  3. Christina on

    Hi Martin, Unfortuntately we don't have the Hi5 available in the US. Sorry mate. You might want to check out for quotes and bookings. Cheers

  4. Jeremy on

    Has it got a tow bar??

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