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Ex-Backpacker Rental Vans for sales – YOU BEAUTY!!!!

Posted by Bastian, 01 Sep, 2014

Budgie Vans for SaleAs of the 1st of September 2014 Travellers Autobarn are defleeting their Ex-rental Vans – the BUDGIE VAN – all around the country! These vans are top off the line and will make you look like a real flash-backpacker.

The flash-vans are all equipped with:

  • Build-in kitchenette
  • Large seating area with table
  • Comfy bed
  • Very cool artwork (can be removed if requested)
  • 240 V power plugs so you can charge your phone/tablets at a power camp side
  • Inclusive of all pots, pans, cutlery & linen.
  • Fully serviced & new/near-new tyres
  • And much-much more

web-Chub-with-canopy-and-polesEach of these vans come with the traditional Travellers Autobarn sales warranties/benefits:

  1. Nationwide Guaranteed Buyback – up to 12 month
  2. 3 day 100% money back guarantee
  3. 2 week total warranty
  4. 12 month unlimited km Australia wide warranty
  5. 24/7 road-side assistance
  6. And much much more…

Enquire today – call us on 1800 674 374 and mention the Ex-Budgie Van or send us an email enquiry! Please also download this useful information sheet here.



34 thoughts on "Ex-Backpacker Rental Vans for sales - YOU BEAUTY!!!!"

  1. Alex on

    Hey making an enquiry on the price/average km of these vans Thanks

  2. Carys on

    Hi Alex, you can contact our sales department on - thanks!

  3. Margaret Bently on

    interested in purchasing a van, could you please advise me on price, model year. cheers Margaret

  4. Janina Bechtel on

    Hi, my name is Janina, I'm from Germany. My best friend and me want to go to Australia in September 2015. so now we saw your announcement, that you will sale your van. We want to drive from Brisbane to Perth, so our question is, how much the van would cost? Yours sincerely Janina Bechtel

  5. Adam TAB on

    Hey Janina, write to me directly at - I'm sure we can sort something out!

  6. Carys on

    Hi Margaret, What city are you looking to buy in? We can then direct you to that specific branch. Thanks

  7. Donna M on

    Do you sell automatic vans? And coild youcemail me prices I'm in WA

  8. Bastian on

    Hey Donna, we sell automatic as well as manual vans - best is to pop into our branch or to give them quickly a call on 08 6558 5800 and ask for Eva!

  9. Kirsten on

    Hi, I'm in Melbourne and am interested in buying one of your vans. Can you please advise me on price? Thanks.

  10. Carys on

    Hello Kirsten, Hope you're well. I would like to invite you to visit directly our Melbourne branch at 55 King Street, Airport West, VIC 3042 (phone 03 9330 4333). Ask for Michal - he'll advise you on sales vehicles availability and prices. Thanks. Have a good day!

  11. Inga on

    Hay Guys, just seen your announcement of selling EX-Backpacker renting vans- This is awsume! Who do I contact to get more Information about buying a van of yus? We `re gonna start our trip in Darwin mid August 2015 and looking for a car to buy&sell afterwards. Do you have any vehicles to sell in Darwin? Cheers Inga & Johannes (Germany)

  12. Bastian on

    Hey Inga, great choice - please write directly to our Online Sales Manager - Adam Millbank - many thanks, bastian

  13. Julie on

    Interested in vans Brisbane area thanks

  14. Julie on

    Interested in vans Brisbane area do you have any prices please

  15. Bastian on

    Thanks Julie - we will get in touch with you shortly!!!

  16. Anna on

    Hi Julie, please call 07 3180 2700 to reach our branch in Brisbane! Cheers, Travellers Autobarn.

  17. Linus Axelhed on

    Interested in buying Vans around Sydney with slap & tickle fitout with bed and kitchen, i really want to know the prices.

  18. Anna on

    HI Linus, look on to get an idea of the prices! Cheers, Travellers Autobarn

  19. anthony on

    Am looking to buy a camper van around sydney.could you give me some prices on some of your vans please

  20. Anna on

    Hey Anthony, please call our sales office in Sydney on 0293601225 for more information! Cheers

  21. shaz on

    Do you have any vans for sale in Melbourne at present? Nov 2015

  22. Anna on

    Hey Shaz, please give our office in Melbourne a buzz on 03 9088 3300 to get more information on the vans they have for sale at the moment! Cheers!

  23. Maxim on

    Hi, I'm very interesting to buy a van like this. I'm in Brisbane but I can to travel to Sydney. What's the price for this. Thanks, kind regards. Max

  24. Anna on

    Hey Maxim, Thanks for your messsage! Please call our Brisbane office on 07 3180 2700 or our Sydney sales office on 02 9360 1225 for more information! Cheers!

  25. Tobi- Ruegen Kite on

    Hey there, 2 friends of mine ariving in Melbourne in 12 days. Can you offer a nice van (buying) and a pickup from the airport would be awesome as well :) Cheers Tobi

  26. Henrik Amrén on

    Hi! I'm looking for a campervan for me and my friend to travel Australia in, we want to pick it up in Melbourne. Who do I contact? Thanks, Henrik Amrén

  27. Bastian on

    Hey Henrik, call our Melbourne team on 03 9088 3300 - they can help you to get one of our awesome campervans!!!

  28. Bastian on

    Hey Tobi, its best your friends visit directly our Melbourne branch - 55 King Street, Airport West! Alternative ask them to email our Melbourne team @

  29. Rachel Robbins on

    Hi, I would like to buy a car/campervan in Sydney around September this year and would like to sell in around February 2017 - how much more difficult is it to sell in another state and who can I contact to find out about sales (and possible buyback guarantees) Thanks! Rachel

  30. Anna on

    Hi Rachel, please give our sales office a buz on 02 8323 1550 for more information in regards to sales! Cheers

  31. Benny on

    Hey, we´re interested in a budgie or high top campervan Perth area. Could you give me an email adress to get more informations and prices? Thanks!

  32. Anna on

    Hey there Benny! Yes could you drop an email to and someone will get back to you. Please state the city you would like to purchase in, the vehicles you're interested in and what your budget is. Hope you manage to get the van of your dreams :) Cheers, Travellers Autobarn

  33. noel on

    Still waiting for info about buying an ex rental out of Sydney or having one built for me.

  34. Anna on

    Someone will get back to you soon! :)

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