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***NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH***………………………………….. Introducing the NEW KuGA HiTOP CAMPERVAN……………… Designed & Built by TRAVELLERS AUTOBARN for Australia & New Zealand

Posted by Bastian, 15 Apr, 2016

Travellers Autobarn’s is proud to announce the arrival of it’s new flagship model KuGA HiTOP Campervan. The result of many years of experience and feedback from customers,  we believe the new KuGA will deliver the best quality, simplicity, reliability and value of any vehicle in it’s class, and we are STOKED to be finally revealing it to the world! Kuga-Campervan-11

Following on the hugely successful design,build & launch of our own 2-berth campers – the Budgie Van (2007) & Chubby Camper (2013) – we have no doubt that our new Hitop models will be a game changer in the budget/youth/backpacker market.

Some of the key features of the new model are:

  • Newer Model TOYOTA HIACES, the absolute best light van in the WORLD!
  • MUCH Lower Kilometers
  • 100% Brand spanking new FIT-OUT
  • MORE SPACE than the older KuGA and the biggest 2-3 berth budget HiTOP camper in Australia & New Zealand
  • Extra internal height space – 20 cm more!
  • USB Plug-ins & battery saving LED lights
  • Extra storage space and much much moreKitchen - brand-new fit-out

Compared to the current models our new model will start its life newer and with less kilometers (about 3-5 years YOUNGER) and more importantly for our customers – with brand new fit-outs rather than the pre-loved interiors of the superceeded model.

There is nothing more valuable than SPACE when you are living on the road. The new KuGA offers extra space. More headroom and more storage space.

We’ve also considered the digital age and added plenty of charging points (240V and 12V)  and USB charging outlets. Essential kit these days!


New KuGA HiTOP campervans will be added every month going forward and will become an integral part of the Australia fleet renewal program. Within a short space of time we hope to replace our entire KuGA Fleet with this NEW MODEL


From DAY ONE… 100% of the NEW ZEALAND Fleet will consist of the newly built KuGA’s!!

For an introduction to the new Kuga campervan

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