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New Zealand Earthquake – Ferry Terminal Update

Posted by Bastian, 14 Nov, 2016

Good morning. As you are probably aware, an earthquake centred near Culverden (North Canterbury/North of Christchurch) occurred just after midnight this morning. Whilst there has been damage in some of the more isolated areas, for Travellers Autobarn, business is as usual and neither any of our branches or vehicles have been affected.

However, there have been some road closures. For our future hirers and particularly for those of you already on the road travelling with us, it is important that you regularly check the following link for road closures and you plan/manage your travel schedule accordingly:

Ferry crossing between Wellington and Picton (and Picton/Wellington) have also been affected. HOWEVER THE FERRIES HAVE REOPENED AND ARE OFFERING LIMITED SERVICES UNTIL THURSDAY – FROM THURSDAY ONWARDS NORMAL SERVICES WILL APPLY. Please ‘like’ the Bluebridge Ferry Facebook page for regular updates

Please contact us if this is likely to impact on your ability to return your vehicle to our depot as planned – We’ll do our best to sort alternative arrangements.

From New Zealand: 0800 348 348

From Australia:  1800 674 374

From any other country: +61 2 8323 1500

Email us:

At this time we would respectfully request your patience and understanding as we work through this. Thank you…and please stay safe.

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