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Selfie Competition

Posted by Amy, 16 Feb, 2017

Fancy $250 back from your rental? Yeah we thought so too. Take a selfie with your van, post it on instagram and be in with a chance to win! Make sure you follow us too!

selfie competition poster-Recovered.psd


  1. Entrants must be rental customers on the road with us (during all or some of) the period 1st July and 31st July – New Zealand or Australia.
  2. Photo needs to feature you and your van
  3. Photo needs to be tagged on Instagram #selfiewithtab
  4. Follow us on Instagram
  5. Entrants agree to the photos being put into an album and posted on our Facebook page and possibly re-posted on Instagram (credit always is given to the user)
  6. The $250 prize goes to the entrant who receives the most likes for the photo by Friday 4th August 2017 16:00 (Sydney time).

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