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Thinking of buying a car? Join our free interactive webinar – Monday 6th February

Posted by Amy, 19 Jan, 2017

Thinking of buying a car in Australia? Planning to sell your car in Australia?buying-a-car

Then you can’t miss this OPPORTUNITY! Travellers Autobarn is presenting a FREE WEBINAR on Monday 6th February 2017 on everything you need to know when buying or selling a car as a backpacker in Australia! We will talk about insurance, registration, safety and why your own four wheels is THE ONLY true way to travel and explore this stunning continent… There are limited spaces so don’t miss out on this GREAT OPPORTUNITY. Best of all it’s FREE – REGISTER TODAY:

Monday 6th February

7 am Sydney time – 9 pm Berlin time (5th February) – 8 pm London time (5th February) – to register CLICK HERE & receive a $250 discount car sales voucher from Travellers Autobarn!

Check out what this lovely backpacker has to say about our buyback scheme!


Visit any of our offices directly and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you with any of your questions… call 1800 674 374

Also check out our site Cars 4 Backpackers, which offers  Travellers in Australia the opportunity to buy or sell cars, campervans, stationwagons or 4WD’s online.


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