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Top 5 Camping Spots in Victoria, Australia

Posted by Ruth, 22 Feb, 2017

Victoria is renowned throughout Australia for its great free campsites, many of them being an easy drive from Melbourne. They are a great way to enjoy The Great Ocean Road in a campervan at your own pace, a road trip known for its breath-taking views, historic sites, wildlife, wineries and forest parks. Most of these campsites are also pet-friendly, so the family dog can tag along too. Here is our pick of the top 5 free camping spots in Victoria suitable for campervans.DSC01524_sunny

  1. Andersons Garden Camping Area, Mount Disappointment State Forest
    This campsite is a quick and easy drive from Melbourne, making it ideal for those looking to camp at a convenient location from the city. The atmosphere is also quite relaxed here as dogs and campfires are allowed. What’s more, there are wood barbeques available (just make sure you bring your own firewood and check whether any fire bans are in place before lighting up).
    It is located in peaceful forest surroundings, providing a great base for adventures with the family, such as bushwalking, biking, or horseriding.
  2. Manna Gum Camp
    Why not set your campervan on the edge of Victoria’s beautiful Alpine National Park, a stunning location offering an impressive range of plant and animal life to enjoy? It is the biggest national park in the state, making it an exciting place for both children and adults to enjoy a nature walk. It is particularly ideal for campervans, as the facilities for tent campers are limited.
    The site offers plenty of shade from the harsh Australian sun and is pet friendly. You can even light campfires here, and wood barbeques are also available.
  3. Sheepyard Flat Camping Area, Howqua Hills Historic Area
    Located along the Wellington River, Sheepyards Flat is one of the most popular sites in the Howqua Hills area, a place known for its free camping areas. The site has a large range of facilities, such as picnic areas and toilets, making it a suitable choice for young families. What’s more, it is dog friendly, and campfires are permitted. There are also a wide range of activities to enjoy nearby.
    Leave your campervan behind and do the Howqua Hills Historic Walk, a 1.5 hour return walk that leaves from the campground. The site is also a great base for fishing, or simply relaxing.
  4. Loch Valley Campground
    With its large, grassy layout and abundant shade, Loch Valley Campground is an ideal place to park your campervan for the night. It is located 9 km North of the town of Noojee, close to the Victoria Loch River. Families will be excited to hear that Kookaburra make frequent appearances – they are rather curious here!
    Fires and BBQs are also allowed here as long as safety regulations are followed, and pets are welcome.
  5. Blue Pool Camping Area, Briagalong State Forest
    Blue Pool camping area is an excellent choice for those renting a campervan during the summer. As the name suggests, it is close to the deep swimming hole of Blue Pool, perfect for refreshing dips on hot days. In fact, this is the most popular spot in the state forest during the summer months. Those with young families will also be glad to know that it is the only campsite with toilets in Briagalong State Forest. There’s also a relaxed attitude to campires and BBQs, and dogs are allowed as long as they are kept on a leash.
    Stunning, relaxed and family-friendly, a road trip along Victoria’s coastline is a camper van owner’s paradise. Itching to explore all that Victoria has to offer? Then look no further than Travellers Autobarn for your campervan hire!


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    Nice Article! I Appreciate your information which you mentioned in your blog. I was planning on visiting next week Australia I will definitely visit this all place which you have mentioned in the blog because exploring different places is my passion and love to do various things that I have never done before.

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