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Your First Christmas in Australia

Posted by Amy, 22 Dec, 2016

It’s just a couple of days until Christmas…and despite any religious beliefs, most people partake in or are at least aware of this holiday and love to get involved in the festiveness that comes along with it!

For many travellers in Australia, the idea of spending Christmas day and the holiday surrounding the 25th in a hot climate with ‘shrimp on the barbie’ (sorry I had to say it), seems a bit surreal. However, that’s the norm this side of the world. Don’t expect snow, lit fireplaces, turkey dinner and sledging… but don’t fret, here’s a list of things you CAN expect in Australia at Christmas.


– Happy people. Christmas day and Boxing day are still public holidays. People generally love a public holiday! In addition to this, pretty much everyone is happy at Christmas and this is contagious. No scrooges in Australia! Naaah.

– Tinsel and Christmas trees! Just because they’re not lightly dusted with snow like in the Christmas cards you see doesn’t mean people don’t still buy and decorate their trees! Where else would they store their presents?!


– Beach time! Christmas is still thought of as a time for friends and family. Christmas day itself is generally spent outdoors as it’s so darn hot! The beach, parks and campsites are sure going to be overflowing at this time of year, make sure you rock up early and shotgun your space. No better way to work off those extra holiday calories by having a swim in the ocean.

– Christmas dinners. They still have them. However, there’s less turkey, roasted potatoes and sprouts. Australians love their seafood and use the heat of Christmas day to their advantage when opting for a bbq with a spread of seafood for their lunch. Prawns, lobster and crayfish seem to be the favourites, with some barbecued steak or chicken breasts, drumstick and wing, thrown in for extra measures.


– Presents. Don’t worry. We assure you there is still ample opportunities to receive presents. Australia has a pretty great postal service, meaning it’s easy to get your wrapped pressies from home. Make giving this Christmas even easier by buying online and getting them gift wrapped and shipped directly to your loved ones back home.

– Christmas carols. ‘I’m dreaming of a white Christmas’ by Bing Crosby¬†may not exactly make a lot of sense this side of the world, however the Aussies play it anyway, because they’re chilled like that.

– Booze. Christmas always makes people merry, in more ways than one! Baileys, sherry or beer. Whatever you tipple of choice is, there’s always plenty of people who want to have a drink with you. Whatever it is, you’re in peak summer now people, you’ll want it cold!


From us all here at Travellers Autobarn, we wish you a very happy festive season! Remember, if you do want to spend your Christmas and New Years break on the road, hit us up for some last minute deals! 1800 674 374.

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