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4WD Training Courses in Australia

Completing one of the professionally trained 4WD Training Courses in Australia is the best preparation anyone can undertake if they plan to do some 4WDriving here. At Travellers Autobarn, we cannot recommend these courses highly enough, and we even have it as a condition in our warranties for 4WD purchases.


4WD-sales-australia06These courses will show you how to obtain the maximum performance from your vehicle in tough conditions, show you how to care and maintain your vehicle, and importantly train you for your all important adventure.
If you are going to spend all that money on purchasing a highly capable vehicle, you may as well spend a little bit extra and make sure your skills can best take advantage of all the vehicle has to offer. Besides that, they are great fun and a fabulous experience! 4WD-sales-australia11

Recommended 4WD Courses
Here are some the Travellers Autobarn recommended 4WD training courses in Australia:

Aussie Off Road in Engadine. These guys also do some fantastic Tag Along tours, which is the ultimate way to get outback.

Safe Trek 4WD services in Brunswick.

Advanced 4WD Training Course

The highly accomplished Pro Drive Safe 4WD Training will prepare you for any trip north towards Cape York.

Tag A Long Tours

If you are a keen 4WD’er and want to enjoy some challenging drives whilst in the company of other enthusiasts, a Tag A Long tour is for you. You can get rugged and out there and see some very remote parts of Australia by joining a Tag A Long.

These tours are fully guided and therefore safe, as you are in the company of a 4WD licensed touring professional, as well as a small group of your other tourists.This means that you are most likely to go to places that you’d never go otherwise.

Also, if you just know you want to get out there, but you don’t really know where you wish to go or how to best tour the area, then a Tag A Long is definitely a good option.

Travellers Autobarn recommends 2 companies for Tag Along tours in Australia:

  • Aussie Off Road
  • Misty Mountains 4WD Tours

Both companies have a range of different tours, so have a look at their websites and tell them “Autobarn” recommended them. And if you need a 4WD for your tour – well guess what we do!

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