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Hostels & Caravan Parks Australia

We want you to enjoy your roadtrip as much as possible and with minimal hassle, so we have compiled a list of the best Hostels & Caravan Parks in Australia.

Everywhere Hostels & Backpackers:

Melbourne Hostels & Backpackers:

  • Victoria Hall: Great budget accommodation for every visitor purpose.
  • Habitat HQ:┬áBackpackers & Budget Accommodation!!!
  • Coffee Palace: ‘Ant, the man’, will make sure you have a damn good time!
  • Pint on Punt: Seriously………they’ve craic’ed up!

Sydney Hostels & Backpackers:

Brisbane Hostels & Backpackers:

Cairns Hostels & Backpackers:

Darwin Hostels & Backpackers:

Perth Hostels & Backpackers:

Cool Caravan Parks


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