HELP – Buying or Renting

Buying or renting is always a difficult decision – please use our below advice in making the right decision for you…

Buying Cars / Campervans
  • Total Freedom. The vehicle belongs to you – so you can take it anywhere you want to. Dirt tracks? No problem! As long as you don’t do any damage to the vehicle, your Guaranteed Buyback price is secure.
  • The Guaranteed Buyback of Travellers Autobarn means you’ll definitely get some money back at the end of your trip, either to go home with or to continue travelling.
  • Remember that at the end of your trip you are not obligated to sell to the vehicle back to Travellers Autobarn. You are free to sell the car to whomever you choose, naturally this is usually the person who makes you the best offer! If you’re a good salesperson, it’s possible to get back more than the 50% we guarantee you by selling to another traveller.
Renting Cars / Campervans
  • If you have only limited time to spend, renting not only saves you money but also time. Picking up and dropping off a rental car is much quicker and easier than buying and selling a car. People who buy a car, even with a guaranteed buyback, spend at least a some time (if not days) trying to sell their car on to other travellers.
  • Hassle Free. Should any problems arise during your rental period, they are the responsibility of the rental company. Travellers Autobarn will make every effort to get you speedily on your way again.
  • You can afford more car for your money when renting in the short term. For 10 weeks buying a $5,500 station wagon with a Buyback might be outside your budget, but renting the same car for $45/day is certainly affordable.
Car & Campervan Price Samples