Choosing the Right Campervan or Car

First of all before you even start to look at cars you must decide what vehicle best suits your needs. The main factors are how many people do you regularly plan to have in the car, how many kilometres do you plan to do and how much time do you have? Of course budget is also a key decider! Please find below our advise when it come to Stationwagons vs Vans vs Campervans.


Australian made 6 cylinder wagons such as the FORD FALCON’s are cheap, very reliable and most importantly, easy to find parts for in even the remote regions of the country.

Recommended for:

  • People on a tight budget – Wagons are a cheaper option and spare parts are in general cheap & easy to source
  • People who might be travelling in a group or planning to take other travellers along (great way to save on petrol costs)
  • People who don’t mind to sleep in a tent or in the back of a Wagon – just get an air mattress, couple of sleeping bags and some pillows!
  • People who prefer automatic vehicles – over 85% are automatic
  • People who are planning to stay a few nights in a hostel

Travellers Autobarn offer Wagons between $4000 – $6000 and will include guaranteed buyback, road-side assistance, 2 week total warranty, 5000 KM engine & gearbox warranty, full mechanical service and MOST IMPORTANTLY SUPPORT FROM OUR STAFF. For more Travellers Autobarn Stationwagon info please read here…