Try Before You Buy

TRY IT, LIKE IT, BUT IT – It’s that easy

Come and visit us in any of our 6 branches Australia wide – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns, Melbourne or Darwin.

Talk to our staff and identify the right vehicle for you.

Once you have found THE right vehicle we give you the option to RENT IT at a discounted daily rate for up to 14 days. This is like an extended TEST DRIVE. Naturally, before you set off on your RENTAL/TEST DRIVE we need to agree on the sales price & all other formalities. HOWEVER, you will not be committed to buying the vehicle until the successful conclusion of your 14 day rental/test drive.

At the conclusion of your 14 day rental/test drive you can either return the vehicle to any previously agreed Travellers Autobarn branch with no obligation to purchase or ,as we believe,¬† you’ll be so impressed with the vehicle you will want to keep it.

If you LIKE IT & decide to BUY IT, we will deduct all the rental charges from the purchase price!!! Bargain! Peace of Mind!

If you LIKE IT, but report a few minor issues with the vehicle, we will gladly attend to those prior to delivery!

For more information please visit any of our branches, CALL DAMIAN TODAY @ 1800 674 374 or fill out one of our sales enquiries.

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