Quotes provide inspiration and ideas. When planning travel, words from travel aficionados can help you plan a fabulous adventure. We decided to get inspired so we’re sharing 10 memorable quotes.

Find your adventure

“Adventures don’t happen on purpose.” Jon Levy wrote this phrase in his bestselling book “The Two AM Principle.” As a travel and adventure expert and behaviour scientist, he is a professional adventurer. In his book, Jon discusses the idiom that “nothing good happens after 2 AM” and declares that actually, epic things happen after 2 AM.

find your adventure

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Just travel

“Travel safe, travel far, travel wide, and travel often.”

Matt Kepnes, Nomadic Matt

Matt is a well traveled blogger who has been sharing his adventures with the world. He dishes out real world advise on how to travel more. He’s done a great write up on off roading on Fraser Island, should that be a stop on your campervan Australia trip.

just travel

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Travel can be a lifestyle

Caz and Craig Makepeace have a great philosophy on travel, “Travel does not necessarily always have to take the form of packing bags, crossing borders or being nomadic. It’s an act and a feeling that can happen in every given moment. It’s about living a full life, being connected to the present moment, experiencing unbridled joy and creating and sharing profound memories.”

This married couple, originally from the Central Coast of Australia, have lived in five countries and had adventures in 52. They believe life is about moments and experiences; not things. They offer inspiration and ideas on how to have a travel lifestyle without a trust fund. Check out their website YTravel and find some inspiration for your next campervan Australia trip.

travel can be lifestyle

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Ambitious travel

“Ambitious travel is about embarking on a long-term adventure that others could only dream of.”

Chris Bush, Aussie on the Road

Chris Bush took a chance years ago and ended up teaching in South Korea. Since then, he’s become a fairly famous “ambitious traveller.” He shares his adventures and trips. Look him up if you’re looking for an ambitious campervan Australia adventure.

Ambitious travel

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Helping adventurers find their way

“I travel because I love living, and I truly believe that traveling the world has given me a more well rounded education than I have taken away from school and university.”

Meg and Mike Jerrard, Mapping Megan

This adventuring travel husband and wife have been blogging about their travels since 2007. They have been around the world. Their site offers candid advice and interesting facts to help any adventurer find their way.

Helping adventurers find their way

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The path least travelled

“The most enjoyable and rewarding experiences I have had on my travels have not involved queues. They have been when I broke away from the crowds and spent time with a local, tried new food, and learned about a different culture. That is the true heart of travelling.”

Michael Turtle, Time Travel Turtle

Michael has been a storyteller for years beginning as a reporter in Australia. Now he spends his days writing about his travels. He tells stories and exposes his readers to places they’ve never heard of. Visit his blog to find some amazing unknown locales.

The path least travelled

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Building a life around travel

“I’m inspired by the freedom to travel like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. I needed to build a life around it.”

Dave Dean, What’s Dave Doing

Dave has lived and travelled for months at a time in Asia, Europe, Africa, North and Central America, Australia and New Zealand. He offers lots of good information on hikes. Check his hiking posts to prepare yourself if that’s on your campervan Australia agenda.

Building a life around travel

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Food + travel = love

“We love food and believe that food and travel are inextricably linked.”

Paula and Gordon McInerney, The Contended Traveller

Paula and Gordon have been around the world and learned a lot about the world and themselves. They don’t sugarcoat anything; they’ll tell it like it is. Check out their blog for some great food recommendations because that’s often the best part of travel, the food!

Travel and Food - AU

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Travel is a great way to test a relationship

“Before every couple settles down and gets married they should experience couples travel together for at least six months.”

Cole Burmester, Four Jandals

Cole and his girlfriend have been traveling together for some time. While not every couple can travel together for six months, taking some kind of vacation with your significant other may be a great test of how you’ll do in life. After all, things rarely go perfectly on holiday so it forces you to work things out.

Couple travel

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Travel is spiritual and provides valuable internal learning

“Travel means more than just holidaying. Travel is an integral part of a deeper personal development process. It contributes to enriching my life both spiritually and mentally. Moreover, it gives me the chance to learn more about myself and others alike.”

Michela Fantinel, Rocky Travel

Rocky Travel is focused on content around the solo traveler. She’s been traveling alone for over 25 years. Check out her tips and advice on solo travelling.

These are just a few of the quotes we found to be inspiring from seasoned travellers who all add something unique to the adventure conversation. Check out some of their other quotes and stories when planning your campervan Australia holiday.

Solo travel

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