10 Photo Apps You Need for Your Next Trip

You’ve got your tickets, you’ve packed your bags and you are ready to go! It is finally time for that long awaited holiday. You know it will be filled with memorable moments. So before you take off, don’t forget to download the perfect apps for capturing each photo-worthy moment.

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  • Camera+

These days, our smartphones pack some pretty fantastic cameras. Yet most still lack certain manual features that give you total control of your shot. You will want an app, such as Camera+, which will give you the ability to select the ideal focus for your moment. (iOS)

  • Camera For Android

If you want more from your manual camera settings, but aren’t part of the iOS crowd, try Camera For Android. This app allows you to select your white balance settings, exposure settings and much more. (Android)

  • VSCO Cam

Once you have taken the pictures, you will probably want to edit and share them. VSCO Cam offers some of the best editing features along with a thriving community of other photographers to share with and be inspired by. Connect with other photographers to share your work and your ideas. (iOS, Android)

Photo apps for road trip

Image by Vulcan Post

  • Fotor

One of the coolest things about this handy photo-editing app is the feature which allows you to adjust depth of field, just like on a DSLR. The perfect portrait frames the subject while blurring the background; Fotor allows you to do just that. It also has features to enhance your camera even further, such as a stabiliser and a photo grid. (iOS, Android)

  • Qwik

After editing, you may still want to make your pictures even prettier. Qwik overs a huge selection of unique filters, as well as fonts and frames to customise your pictures. Why have simple photos when you can have artwork? (iOS, Android)

Road trip photo apps

Image via Fone Paw

  • PicLab HD

Social media is full of those inspiring photographs overlaid with motivational quotes. You just know that whoever made them must be having cool adventures. Well, now you can be one of them. When you want to take your travel photography to the next level of graphic design and creative projects, PicLab HD will get you there. (iOS, Android)

  • Facetune

Ok, admit it, we all wish we looked just a little bit younger. Nothing is worse than coming home from an amazing trip, sorting through all of your pictures and thinking, “Ugh, I look horrible!”. Facetune gives you that perfect airbrushing we all secretly want. No more blotches, no more smile lines, no more forehead wrinkles. (iOS)

Road trip photo app

Image via Android Apk Mods

  • Photoshop Express

Anyone who knows anything about photography has heard of Photoshop. But did you know there is a “lite” version made just for mobile users? You don’t have to be a professional to appreciate the suite of editing and customising options Photoshop gives you. Now you can have the quality of Photoshop with just the right features and without the hefty price tag. (iOS, Android)

  • Splice

Of course, you won’t just be taking still shots. Any good holiday is bound to be filled with video-worthy moments as well. With the Splice app, you can edit those video clips exactly as you want them. Add sounds, music and text overlays. Speed up the action or slow it down. When you are finished, Splice allows you to share directly to social media. (iOS)

  • Capture

For those moments of thrilling adventure activity, you will surely be taking your action camera with you. However, you don’t need to leave the image to chance. This GoPro App connects your GoPro action camera to your smartphone via Wifi. Through this connection, you can frame your shots or watch the scene unfold. You can also transfer images directly to your phone and, from there, straight on to social media. After all, you know you don’t want to wait to share that thrilling bungee jump with the world. (iOS, Android)

Road trip photo apps

Image via UpLabs

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