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Build a Bed in Your Campervan or 4WD

Travellers Autobarn has been selling vehicles to backpackers for over 20 years – and we have been famous for selling our vans & 4WDs with custom fit beds in the back – we even offer kitchenettes with our vans for sale. 

The benefit of having you own bed in a 4WD is very straight forward:

  • Much more comfortable than sleeping in a tent or on the back seats
  • No matter if heavy rains or wind – you will definitely stay try
  • With a 4WD you will be exploring the real Australian Outback and encounter some of the most dangerous Australian wildlife – snakes, spiders & sometimes even crocodiles – sleeping inside the 4WD will keep you safe.
  • Sometimes you will just end up somewhere where you have no other options but to sleep in your 4WD.


If you are ever after buying a 4WD with a bed check us out at Travellers Autobarn – and for the ones who are super keen our manager has written down his steps when installing the bed and potentially a kitchenette (for vans only):

  1. 1. – Buy and stock up on materials (Wood, screws , brackets, etc.)2. – Make sure that all equipment is in good and safe working order

    3. – Have empty van without seats in the rear

    4. – Measure Van (every Van is a bit different)

    5. – Cut wood to required sizes

    6. – Install bottom section (be careful when mounting the bottom to the chassis, that you do not drill into tanks or brake lines)

    7. – Install Bed frame

    8. – Install Bed boards (one piece needs to be fixed, otherwise it is unstable)

    9. – Assemble Kitchen area

    10.   – Install kitchen area

    11.   – Cut and install Sink + water supply

    12.   – Test bed

    13.   – Tidy everything up + cosmetic work

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