If you had all the time in the world then I’d say just pack up your things, hop in a camper and travel around Australia. The whole country, aside from the centre of some of the cities maybe, is really well suited to campervan travel. There are plenty of caravan parks available offering powered sites or some really beautiful national park (usually a small overnight fee) and free camping spots for those happy without power some nights.  If you plan for it, it is actually fine and offers you some really gorgeous locations that would not have been possible otherwise.   If you are going for the free camping option you should be travelling in a completely self contained van by the way. Do it right people, do it right.


Anyway most of us don’t have a spare 9 months to travel around AUS so I’ve broken the journey up for you into some great shorter options.

1. Esperance, WA

The white sandy beaches and bright blue waters of Esperance will take your breath away. Think about how white you normally imagine sand and then whiten it by about 50 shades. I’m not kidding.  There is a scenic drive of about 40kms that hugs that coastline here which is absolutely gorgeous.  You can stop along the way to look out at the view or swim in one of the many beach spots.  Accommodation can be tricky here as it is limited so a campervan is the perfect way to go. There are some really stunning national park overnight parking spots available too.  Well worth a night or two.


2. Great Ocean Road – Melbourne to Adelaide

Yes everybody does it but that’s because it’s awesome.  There are some really quaint little towns tucked along the coastline here and being in a camper gives you the flexibility to stop and check them out at your own leisure.  Aireys Inlet, with its beautiful beaches, national park backdrop and live music scene is one you shouldn’t miss.  You can do this road in 5 days but if you have the time then stretch it out. There is so much that you can see and do along the way. Hiking, swimming, fishing and more. This stretch of road is the perfect combination of coastline, wildlife and nature.

3. Tropical North Queensland

There are a couple of options up here. Make Cairns your base. Start there.  If you have a couple of weeks then give the Great Tropical Drive a go. It takes 12 days for you travel around 2000km between Cairns and Townsville and takes in such national icons as The Great Barrier Reef, The Daintree Rainforest and Cape Tribulation.  If you need to tuck it all into a shorter itinerary you can do that with a 7 day, 400km journey that shows you the Atherton Tablelands, Cape Tribulation and Port Douglas. It’s a really spectacular little trip.


4. The Red Centre, Northern Territory

If you are visiting Australia from overseas then you must go here. Simply because it is just so different to any other place you will see in this great southern land. And let’s face it. Australia is really far from almost everywhere else in the world so chances are you won’t be coming back.  The red centre is exactly as it sounds. RED.  And dusty.  And dry. It lacks the humidity of the coastline but damn it if it isn’t just hot hot hot.  Grab yourself a camper and take yourself around the Alice Springs, Uluru region. It will take you about 5 days to do the basics.

5. Tasmania – the whole kit and caboodle

The lovely little Tassie is so compact and neat. You can get around this baby in about 10 days and see something amazing each and every day. Hobart is as good a place as any to start.  Don’t miss Cradle Mountain or St Helens. Both magnificent spots on the itinerary.

About the author: Kristy is a freelance travel blogger for HotelClub who loves the flexibility of travelling in a van. When she’s visiting Sydney however she loves to live it up at the incredible Novotel in Darling Harbour for its excellent proximity to all of Sydney’s wonderful attractions.

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