Is a campervan Cairns trip on your schedule? Be sure to check out these fun and quick day trips from Cairns. Cairns is a great place to start or finish your campervan vacation. There are so many amazing places just minutes away. We’re sharing some great Cairns day trip ideas. Enjoy a day of adventure at one of these locations.

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41km trip distance

3 day roadtrip

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Ellis Beach

Just 30 miles from Cairns, Ellis Beach is a fantastic campervan day trip. Pack up your friends, family and pets for a day at the beach. The drive up the beach starts off your day. Take in all the scenic spots. Pull over to get a perfect picture. Once you make it to the beach, you can park at campsites right on the beach. The view of the Coral Sea and Double Island is breathtaking. The campsites have a camp kitchen and covered eating areas. No booking is required so you can be spontaneous.

You can spend the day on the beach depending on the season doing various activities. Take a quick hike up the beach or simply enjoy the view.

Palm Cove

You can stop in Palm Cove on your way to Ellis Island or just stay here for the day. With its location on the northern Queensland coastline, Palm Cove enjoys great weather and proximity to the Great Barrier Reef.

Palm Cove is also known for how clean it is. The beach has much to see from nature with lots of different flora and fauna. You can even find Melaleuca trees that are over 500 years old. They provide great shade from the sun to protect your skin. It’s a beautiful site to see how the buildings have been built around them. You can also search for pipis, a beloved pastime. End your day with a hike along the rocks at the northern point of the cove. At the end of this hike, you’ll find a small, secluded beach. Be prepared for a challenging hike and bring appropriate gear.

Lake Placid Tourist Park

Just 20 minutes from Cairns, find your way to Lake Placid Tourist Park. The park is set on 14 acres of tropical rainforest. There are campervan options for parking here. You’ll need to book beforehand.

Lake Placid is a natural lake formed by the Barron River. Have a picnic and go for short hikes. During the summer, you can take a dip in the pool, paddle bike, kayak or raft.

Crystal Cascades Tourist Park

Crystal Cascades is a secluded freshwater swimming hole hidden in a tropical rainforest.  Several waterfalls flow into large pools surrounded by impressive granite boulders. This is certainly what can be described as paradise.

Rainforest trees hang over the mountain water, keeping it cool and relaxing. It’s just 14 km from Cairns so it’s the perfect day trip. Head out first thing in the morning with your campervan and find a parking spot at the park. You should check availability first.

Once parked, it’s about a 30-minute hike to the swimming hole. Crystal Cascades is linked to Lake Morris by a steep rainforest walking trail (allow three hours return); it starts near the picnic area.

After a day of hiking and swimming, head back to your campervan for a sunset drink and meal.

Coconut Holiday Resort

If visiting Cairns on your campervan trip, you must take the quick trip to Coconut Holiday Resort. This campervan park sits on 28 acres of beautiful rainforest. The resort offers amenities like swimming, tennis and golf. The area is family friendly with many activities for the kids. You have a stunning oasis around you so there’s really no bad view or adventure.

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For a great campervan Cairns day trip, we highly recommend any of these beautiful locales, each within half an hour of Cairns. When looking for campervan Cairns vehicles, we can help find the perfect one for your journey. Rentals are available now. Don’t forget to check out our latest deals & specials on campervan hire in Cairns.

If you want to read more of our Cairns adventures, come and explore the dedicated Cairns Road Trips. Happy Exploring!

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