Travellers Autobarn has been selling cars for over 20 years and we know it can be difficult at times. You don’t wish to spend the last 10 days in Australia, underground in the car market trying to sell your car. Follow these 6 fool-proof tips and your car will be sold in no time!

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1. Commitment

Don’t cut corners! The less effort you make, the less successful you will be. Take your time to write an awesome description and take good photos. Your effort will pay off, eventually.

2. Do your research

The “right” price isn’t the amount you want out of the sale of the car, but the amount the average buyer thinks is fair and is willing to pay.

Do your research to determine not only how much others are asking for similar cars, but the average transaction price of those recently sold.

Be honest with yourself and objective about the vehicle’s condition when setting a price. An unrealistically high price will scare potential buyers.

3. Write an awesome description

Be creative when writing your car’s description! Personalize the vehicle through your own experiences. What has it meant to you? Many vehicle purchases are emotional; play to that.

4. Add Lots of Photos

Good photos offer potential buyers their only look at the vehicle. Photos are really an online seller’s primary marketing tool. Even lifestyle shots could help sell the vehicle, so the buyer can imagine themselves with the campervan or car.

Don’t be lazy when shooting photos. The vehicle should be clean inside and out. On a clear day, drive the vehicle to a well-lighted spot with an attractive background. Position it so the sun is behind you, and take the time to reposition the vehicle as you photograph its various sides.

Be honest with your photos. Don’t try to hide the blemishes or damage, and don’t Photoshop them. A car doesn’t need to be perfect to sell, but being honest about its warts will save you some grief later on.

In other words, the photos need to tell the truth about the car.


5. Be Responsive

Whether you have potential buyers respond by phone, e-mail or some other device, take the call and answer the e-mail. Potential buyers have thousands of ads to which they can respond. Allowing a caller to go to voicemail or letting an e-mail sit, unopened for a day, can be all it takes for that interested buyer to move on.

It’s almost always less time consuming to work with the buyer in front of you than to find the next one.

Until your vehicle is sold, selling it is your job. Do your job.

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6. Communicate with the Buyer

Establishing communication with a buyer can ease his anxiety and reduce the chances he will be unhappy once the vehicle is in his hands.

Call the buyer, thanking him for the sale. Provide a timetable and other details of the delivery. Make the extra effort to ensure the transaction is a great experience for the buyer.

Hopefully these tips will help you sell your car in no time! Good luck!

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Bastian Graf

Bastian is the Sales & Marketing Manager here at Travellers Autobarn. He holds a Master of Commerce in Marketing and International Business Management, and 20+ years experience in campervan hire, road trips and travel.

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