Australia’s Five Best Camp & Caravan Grounds

The Australian coast has an abundance of caravan grounds and lovely campsites on the beautiful beaches. Wake up with kookaburras at your campsite in the midst of the forest, or the intoxicating scent of the sea, and gaze at the millions of stars in the night sky whilst sitting in front of the campfire. Pack your camping gear and prepare for your holiday at some of Australia’s best camp and caravan grounds.

#1. Innes National Park

Australia Best Camp grounds

Innes National Park is on Yorke Peninsula in South Australia. Yorke Peninsula is a favourite destination for fishermen and surfers. The 92-kilometre park is a spectacular haven for Australian wildlife and features eight camping areas in the park’s wilderness. Although the amenities at the campgrounds are limited, the surf rolls through the Bay, the beaches are sandy and inviting, and the views are spectacular. Pondalowie Bay is the most well-known of the camping areas and has some of the best fishing in South Australia.

#2. Cape Le Grand National Park Australia best campgrounds

Camping on the beach offers the sun, surf, and crystal clear waters. Lucky Bay is 40 minutes from Esperance in WA and is best accessed with 4WD. The two camping areas are for tents and caravans, with perfect swimming, boating, and fishing. Campers may bring fuel/gas stoves and may launch boats from the beach. After a refreshing swim, warm up in the shower which is solar-heated. The scenery is rugged, and the bush walks in the park are fantastic to explore.

#3. Booderee National Parkaustralia best campgrounds

The park is around 10 kilometres south of Sydney. Jervis Bay has some of the world’s most beautiful, white, sandy beaches. Three campsites on Jervis Bay are open all year-round.

  • Bristol Point
  • Cave Beach
  • Green Patch

The Tasman is a favourite place for surfing and swimming. The waters near the park are ideal for boating, fishing, and even scuba diving. The campgrounds are for the camping enthusiast who doesn’t mind minimal conveniences. The campgrounds don’t have power. If you go camping during June and July, you’ll be able to watch the migration of Southern right whales and humpbacks.

#4. Noah Beach

 australia best camp grounds

Noah Beach at Cape Tribulation is within Daintree National Park in Queensland. The park is part of the Wet Tropics World Heritage area, with an abundance of wildlife. The camping area is 50 metres from the shoreline and is shaded by the canopy of the forest.

#5. Great Ocean Walk, Victoria

australia best campgrounds

The Great Ocean Walk campgrounds in Victoria are for the camper who likes to rough it. The campsites are all walk-in and use fuel stoves, so you must bring everything you’ll need with you. Each of the campsites has eight pads for tents. All the campsites accommodate two to three campers. You’ll have to reserve your campsite two weeks in advance. The campgrounds include:

  • Aire River
  • Blanket Bay
  • Camp Otway
  • Devil’s Kitchen
  • Elliot River
  • Johanna Beach
  • Ryan’s Den

The two Aire River campgrounds are on the east and west side of the river in Great Otway National Park. The campsites may accommodate tents, or small or large caravans, depending on the site you reserve. Camper trailers or vans may be parked at the other sites. Blanket Bay sites are on the beach near the ocean, while Ryan’s Den and Devil’s Kitchen has spectacular ocean views.

Australia has amazing campsites for adventurous travellers who love the outdoors. A camping trip is an inexpensive way to experience an unforgettable Australian holiday.

Author Bio: Alan is the founder of Alan Graham’s Caravans & RVs. We are a dealership of new and used caravans located near Sydney and stock the latest in caravans, with brands like Concept, Jurgens, Newlands & Galaxy Caravans. We follow hassle-free customer service policies.

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