New South Wales is a perfect stop for an adventure, with some amazing tracks under 3 hours away from Sydney and some as little as 40 minutes away from the city centre. With a nature walk for every style of bush walker, take your pick and let’s explore the best hiking trails in NSW!

Explore NSW’s Best

  1. Bondi to Coogee Walk
  2. The Coast Track
  3. Cape Byron Walking Track
  4. Mount Kosciuszko Summit Walk
  5. Spit to Manly Walk
  6. Bouddi Coastal Walk
  7. Glow Worm Tunnel Walking Track
  8. Crystal Shower Falls Walk
  9. Aboriginal Heritage Walk
  10. Forest Path Walk

Bondi to Coogee Walk - Best Hikes in NSW

1. Bondi to Coogee Walk

Eastern Suburbs, NSW

The Bondi to Coogee walk is one of Sydney’s most iconic tracks that offers beach views, cliff tops and some great cafés.

This 6km walk can take up to 3 hours to complete depending if you stop for a tempting dip at Bondi, Bronte or Gordons Bay, which makes it very easy to follow along the footpath. Starting at the famous Bondi Beach, guide yourself along the coastline to Bronte, and then to Gordons Bay – a picture-perfect spot lined with fishing boats and a rocky shore.

Gordons Bay is a favourite on any swimmer’s list: clear water, rocks perfect for a jump and flat swells. Once you’re ready to keep going, continue along the track, finish up at Coogee Beach, and treat yourself to a drink at the Pavilion.

Now, depending on what your day holds, you can complete this trail anytime of the year – warmer months are perfect for the swimmers, and in the cooler months you’re more likely to see whales from the lookout point near Icebergs Restaurant.

The next time you’re in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, be sure to give Bondi to Coogee a run (or walk) for its money.

DISTANCE: 6km One-way



Bundeena to Otford - Best Hikes and Walks in NSW

2. The Coast Track

Royal National Park, NSW

South of Sydney, you may just find yourself at The Coast Track, located in the Royal National Park.

Now, although we’ll be guiding you from Otford, let’s be clear that you can definitely attempt this in either direction over a couple of days. We make our start from Otford Station and up to the lookout point off Lady Wakehurst Drive, where that stunning 180-degree view of the Tasman Sea awaits. Down through the trees, continue along the flats until you reach Figure Eight Pools for an insta-worthy snap, and then trek up to North Era Beach for the ideal campground.

On the second day, continue through the track towards Wattamolla Dam, and make your way along the coastline until you reach Cronulla to finish up. Whether you’re travelling in a campervan, or just popping out for a weekend trip, make your life easier by leaving a vehicle at your final stop.

Here’s an extra tip too: each stop we’ve mentioned can be accessed from various points, so if you feel the need to shorten your trip, most points can be found quite readily. Enjoy!

DISTANCE: 26km One-way


BEST TIME: All Year: November to February for Swimming

Byron to Cape Byron Lighthuse - Best Hikes and Walks in NSW

3. Cape Byron Walking Track

Byron Bay, NSW

The Cape Byron Walking Track is a spectacular experience filled with amazing views – in fact, you may even be lucky enough to spot some turtles, dolphins, stingrays and whales along the way!

This 3.7km walking track can take up to two hours to complete, but believe us, plenty of that will be taken up by the time you spend standing in awe.

As you make your start, wander beneath a shade of bangalow palms and burrawangs, and across the grasslands often occupied by kangaroos before arriving at the famous Cape Byron Lighthouse.

And that’s not all!

This track is packed with a couple of stunning highlights: Fisherman’s Lookout, Wategos Beach, of course the Cape Byron Lighthouse, and Tallow Ridge Track.

The next time you’re visiting Byron Bay, be sure to give this trail a try!

DISTANCE: 3.7km Loop



Mount Kosciuszko - Best Hikes and Walks in NSW

4. Mount Kosciuszko Summit Walk

Kosciuszko National Park, NSW

Perfect for nature lovers, hikers and mountain bikers after an outdoor adventure, this walk bends along the old road to Mount Kosciuszko – boasting amazing views of Australia’s highest mountains and historic huts.

In fact, if you walk between December and March, you’ll be lucky enough to see the alpine wildflowers bloom throughout. To see them in all their glory, remember – pack your own picnic, water and sunscreen – you’ll need a little bit of fuel to keep you going, and some projection from the elements.

Not up for a super strenuous walk? Don’t worry, just make a start in Thredbo and catch the chair lift to the start of the trail (a popular option for many day walkers).

We’ll see you there!

DISTANCE: 18.6km Return

DIFFICULTY: Moderate/Hard

BEST TIME: December to March (Snowbound in Winter)

Spit to Manly Walk - Best Hikes and Walks in NSW

5. Spit to Manly Walk

Manly, NSW

Spit Bridge to Manly Walk is one of the popular walks in Sydney, ideal for families or just going solo.

It’ll take about 3 hours to complete – depending on how often you stop – tracking between amazing beaches, bays and inlets in North Sydney. You’ll encounter some great spots in Fairlight, Clontarf Beach and Reef Beach, with even better lookouts at the top of Crater Cove and Arabanoo.

Need somewhere to kick the feet up? Clontarf Reserve (just behind the beach) is a great little corner to set up a picnic, with some great views of the city’s peaks.

To get started, catch a ferry from the city to Manly and make your way back – or – get a bus from the city’s centre to Spit Bridge (Manly Rd opposite Avona Cres).

Remember – if you’re taking up this walk between May and November, keep an eye out for the whales!

DISTANCE: 10km One-way



Bouddi National Park Walk - Best Hikes and Walks in NSW

6. Bouddi Coastal Walk

Killcare Heights, NSW

Bouddi Coastal Walk, an exciting 8 kilometre track that runs from Putty Beach to MacMasters Beach.

Along the way, you’ll spot boardwalks and birdlife, not to mention plenty of beaches, sweeping views, rainforests and photo opps (so don’t forget your camera).

If you head over at the right time (between May-July or September-November), you may be lucky enough to spot migrating whales from Gerrin Point lookout, the region’s wildflowers, and as always, the PS Maitland shipwreck – east of Maitland Bay.

Prefer a shorter walk? The track from Putty Beach to Maitland Bay is just as good, otherwise you can always try Maitland Bay to Little Beach – perfect for all levels of fitness.

Get on your way, we’ll catch you there!

DISTANCE: 8.5km One-way



Glow Worm Tunnel Walking Track - Best Hikes and Walks in NSW

7. Glow Worm Tunnel Walking Track

Wollemi National Park, NSW

Located just 2.5 hours drive out of Sydney, this particular track is relatively straight forward, both in terms of distance and intensity. It’s a popular destination for families to enjoy glow worms in their natural habitat, starting with a 1 kilometre walk to the tunnel entrance.

Once you’ve made your way through an impressively rich forest, enter the tunnel, turn your torch off, and watch the magic unfold – oh, and keep a watchful eye out for lyrebirds, wallabies or a koala on your journey.

Have fun!

DISTANCE: 2km Return



Crystal Shower Falls Dorrigo - - Best Hikes and Walks in NSW

8. Crystal Shower Falls Walk

Dorrigo National Park, NSW

Alright, let’s paint the picture – vibrant views, a rocky cavern behind the waterfall and a lush rainforest. It all sounds a bit cliché doesn’t it?

But believe us when we say it – totally worth it!

Begin by walking through the forest via The Glade picnic area, following the first track along the Satinbird Stroll until you meet up with the Wonga walk. Typically this is where you break off to enjoy each part the falls have to offer, but as with many of our featured tracks, feel free to continue further along the Wonga walk if you’d like to explore more of Dorrigo National Park.

This trail is a little shorter than the rest, but that just means more time to dip your feet in the water.

Breaking into Spring and Summer, there’s no doubt – we’ll see you there!

DISTANCE: 4.4km Return

DIFFICULTY: Easy/Moderate

BEST TIME: Spring & Summer

Aboriginal Heritage Walk Ku Ring Gai Chase - Best Hikes and Walks in NSW

9. Aboriginal Heritage Walk

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, NSW

The Aboriginal Heritage Walk in Ku-ring-gai Chase is a must do if you’re visiting Sydney, or if you’re around as a local. It boasts some amazing treasures – both natural and cultural – and is home to one of the largest known concentrations of recorded Indigenous sites in Australia.

It’s only a 45 minute drive out of Sydney, and if you’re up for it, there’s a perfect spot for you to stay overnight at the Basin Campground.

Now after about 10 minutes of walking you’ll come along the best known site in the National Park – Red Hands Cave. No one is exactly sure how old the art is, but stand back and soak it up – this is one special sight!

Keep tracking along, and you’ll notice even more – like rock engravings and artefacts.

To say the least, this track offers so much history and we are so lucky to be able to embrace it from all that Ku-ring-gai has to offer.

DISTANCE: 4.4km Loop

DIFFICULTY: Moderate/Hard

BEST TIME: Spring, Summer & Winter

Forest Path Walk - Best Hikes and Walks in NSW

10. Forest Path Walk

Royal National Park, NSW

We round off our list with an easier hike through part of the Royal National Park: The Forest Path Walk. It’s one of the oldest tracks available, and is a great little loop perfect for those hiking at different fitness levels, or for the kids.

It’ll lead you past a series of native flora, like eucalyptus, casuarinas, cabbage tree palms and gymea lilies, which is also home to a variety of birdlife.

Looking to lengthen your walk? Connect up with the Couranga Walking Track, and you’re on your way.

Remember, pack your lunch and don’t forget to drink lots of water!

DISTANCE: 4.4km Loop

DIFFICULTY: Easy/Moderate

BEST TIME: Summer & Winter

There you have it, the best hikes in NSW – covering a heap of different terrains, and a tonne of adventurous tracks.

What did you think? If you’ve tried these out before, we’d love to know what you think – feel free to get in touch.

Otherwise, if you’re up for a bigger adventure, or a bigger challenge, you’ve got to check out the best hikes in all of Australia – handpicked by us.

Don’t forget to check out our latest deals & specials on campervan hire in Sydney.

We’ll see you out there soon!

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