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Best Weekend Road Trips from Perth – Explore the Real Outback

Western Australia is such a vast landscape that there’s no doubt you could spend weeks or months on end exploring every direction. But if you are based in Perth and just wanting to get out of the city and into nature for the weekend, your options are still plentiful. Right on Perth’s doorstep, you will find incredible beaches, desert landscapes, and enticing towns, all within just a few hours drive.

What better way to explore the outdoors than hiring a campervan in Perth and hitting the road for an adventurous weekend away? We have put together a few of our all-time favourite weekend or short road trips from Perth, in every direction:

Heading North:

Kalbarri Nation Park

If you don’t mind a 6-hour drive along the coast of Perth then Kalbarri Nation Park is the place for you to spend a weekend! Swim, hike or kayak, Kalbarri NP has so much to offer for all ages and everyone will love it.

Go sit in Nature Window and look down the unique Murchinson River and just appreciate the world from a different angle, it’s a mere 500m walk from the car park and you are there, looking and feeling like you are on top of the world.

Adventure further down the gorge to the Z bend Hike and the Riverwalk zigging and zagging through rock formations and down ladders all before you reach the waters edge to take a quick dip. Once you are down by the water you can continue to explore at your own will, walk around the water bank and adventure across the rocks to less populated areas.

After you have finished at Kalbarri drive about 35 minutes back towards Perth and you will find an unbelievably pink lake called Hutt Lagoon, get there just before sunset and you will see the colours transform. Sometimes its pink, sometimes it’s red, but it is always breathtaking. There are plenty of places to stop along the way to get the perfect photo, you can follow the road around the lake for miles and just take in the views.

Kalbarri is seriously one of the most beautiful national parks we have BUT the flies torment you, so be prepared, insect repellent is a must. Plus, don’t be ashamed to wear a but get a fly head net, this will be your absolute blessing for your hikes in WA for the rest of your trip!

Unfortunately, there is no onsite camping in the actual national park, however, there are lots of caravan parks near Murchinson River like the Murchinson Caravanpark or if you are on a budget stay for free in one of the rest stops on the North West Coastal Highway.

Natures Window Kalbarri National Park

Jurien Bay

Jurien Bay is a WA fave, here you will find great fish and chips, the opportunity to swim with sealions, view crystal clear water. Best of all, it’s just under a three-hour drive from Perth, isn’t that the most perfect combination?

On your way to or from Jurien Bay from Perth, you must stop at the Pinnacles Dessert and see the unusual rock formation that was created from the left-over deposits of seashells when the sea faded away 25,000 years ago. Once you’ve spent a bit of time here (you don’t need long) make your way up towards Jurien Bay and embrace the white-sanded beaches.

If you want to explore the wild seas amongst the sealions you will need to book a tour with one of the companies like Turquoise Safaris, they supply all the snorkelling gear as well as a delicious lamington and a cuppa to warm up. After swimming with sealions and enjoying the luscious views, you’ll make your way back to the shore where you can relax after finding your own private rock on the beach to spend the rest of your day. Enjoy a picnic in the sun whilst keeping a lookout for emus and kangaroos, or for those a little more adventurous, hire a sandboard and enjoy the sea breeze in your hair whilst concentrating on riding the sand dunes.

If you want to spend the night in Jurien Bay to watch the sunrise over the beach in the morning you can stay at the Jurien Bay Tourist Park for you to stay at.  Jurien Bay is definitely a place where you can have a huge adrenalin rush, but also take a step back from reality and just watch the world go by. The diversity is what makes it a perfect weekend trip.

Sealions Jurien Bay

Heading South:

Hamelin Bay via Margaret River

Margaret River doesn’t just have amazing wines, beautiful vineyards and great food, it also offers stingray’s sanctuaries, deep caves and beaches to just kick your feet up and relax. As you make your way down south from Perth you must stop and taste some of the wines that they have to offer. Wine tours are greatly appreciated in this region of Australia, they are boasted about far and wide. There are tonnes of tours to pick from so you choose the best one to suit you, there are even brewery tours for those who aren’t wine fans. Make sure you’re spending the night close by, as you certainly won’t be driving after enjoying so much great wine!

Vineyards Margaret River Western Australia

Heading a little further south, make your next destination Hamelin Bay, which is a stunning white sand beach as well as stingray sanctuary. You can watch them in their natural habitats swimming around you and eating the leftovers from the fisherman. After you have taken the stingrays in for all the grace and beauty, they have you can go for a snorkel and see the shipwrecks from years ago and swim amongst the other marine life Hamelin Bay has to offer.

Spend a night at the Hamelin Bay Holiday Park to rest and recover. Here you’ll have access to a little kiosk for you if you’ve forgotten any goods, but be aware there’s barely any phone reception, so it’s a perfect time to escape from technology for a few hours.

While in the Margaret River region, be sure to visit and explore one of the several caves in the area. Lake Cave is one of many, it is one of the deepest caves in Margaret River and is the only cave that has a permanent lake through it creating a reflection of the cave in the water that adds to the serenity. Even more so, Lake Cave is famous for its suspended table hanging over the lake. It truly does leave you in awe to how amazing nature is.

Once you have finished with the caves and still feel the urge to see more wildlife and nature head towards Augusta. Augusta is a small town first seen in 1622, so as you could imagine it has a fair bit of history behind it. You can visit the lighthouse and experience the views from above in the largest lighthouse on mainland Australia. From June to December you can see hundreds of humpback and southern right whales as they migrate up the WA coastline to warmer waters.

Margaret River region has so much to offer, enjoy your stay here and embrace the history the towns have to offer and of course, embrace the wine!

Stingrays Hamelin Bay


After you have visited Margaret River we highly recommend making your way down to Denmark, it is about a 3.5 hours drive or just under a 5-hour drive from Perth, whichever way you come from it is worth the drive.

South of Western Australia can get quite cold so explore these areas in the warmer seasons if you want to bask in the sun for a weekend. On your way to Denmark, you must stop at Peaceful Bay, have lunch on the beach and embrace the crystal clear, calm waters and make your way around the rock pools surrounding the beach. If you just can’t get enough of the bay and a stop on the way isn’t enough for you, you can set up camp for the night at the caravan park in the bay, no one would blame you for spending a few nights here.

Greens Pool is an essential stop on the way, 30 minutes from Peaceful Bay you’ll see more pristine white sand, but more giant rocks than anything else. Set up your towel on one of the many rocks and embrace the turquoise blue sea like no other. Once you’ve settled in and found your spot, go for a wander around the rocks and find the big elephant-like rock formations looking into the Great Australian Bight. Here, you will be standing on some of the oldest rocks in the world! This place leaves an impact on you like no other, the view and the clear ocean will forever be imprinted in your brain, the image will never leave.

Once you manage to pull yourself away from Greens Pool make your way into Denmark city and set up camp for the night in one of many caravan parks.

Elephant Rocks Western Australia


Of course, we have to talk about Esperance, one of Western Australia’s most iconic destinations which people come from all over the world to see. This doesn’t really fall into the category of weekend trips, but you can make it into an extended weekend trip or a week away from Perth. It’s almost an 8-hour drive right through the middle of WA but we wouldn’t be writing about it if it wasn’t worth it.

From the Pink Lake to Lucky Bay, there is an abundance of spectacular sites to visit on your weekend in Esperance. The epic stretch of beaches boasts the shimmering sand in sunlight and it also has a deep history. The Cape Le Grand National Park offers Frenchman Peak, this is a popular hike which bursts with views once you reach the top.

Lake Hillier Esperance Western Australia

In Esperance, you are literally surrounded by pure blue ocean that you just cannot get sick of, so this stop is for all the water lovers that can go for a beach crawl throughout the day. It is so picturesque it’s no wonder people travel from far to visit it.

Lucky Bay is a must-see and is located in the Cape Le Grand national park, and amazingly, you can camp there, right on the waterfront.

Kangaroo in Lucky Bay

Road trips offer a perfect mix of food, culture and sightseeing. Hire a campervan in Perth, pack your bags, get set and go! Speak to the team at Travellers Autobarn for more details today.


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