Not too long ago, camping trips in Australia either involved a great deal of research, subscription to an auto club, or just blind luck. Camping and travelling in the digital age has opened up a number of options for people to find what they need on the road, all at their fingertips. Welcome to the age of camping apps! These low cost, and sometimes free, camping apps can help to find amenities, campgrounds, and other features to make your adventure more convenient.

We’ve put together a list of our top camping apps to use all over Australia, to make sure you find the best campsites, top caravan parks, National Parks and more.


CamperMate Australian camping app

CamperMate has everything you need when travelling in Australia, including offline maps and directions to thousands of campsites and hotels. It will also guide you to useful amenities along the road, such as public toilets, garages, rest areas, holiday parks, and more. 

Another awesome feature CamperMate offers is the ability to add destinations and activities to a “favourites” list. So, whether you already know where you want to head or you want to save somewhere the app has guided you to visit again later, you can skip the search function and get there even sooner.

You’re even able to search for activities by region and book experiences directly through the app. Think of this as your ultimate app for exploring Australia and New Zealand and everything they have to offer.

Camps Australia Wide

Camps Australia Wide Australian camping app

With thousands of free and budget campsites, caravan parks, state forests, rest areas and national parks, Camps Australia Wide offers something for everyone. This really is a great guide if you’re planning to travel the whole of Australia. This app also has a long list of site facilities, as well as GPS coordinates and site access details.

Fuel Monitor

Driving into remote areas to camp can be a roll of the dice when it comes to petrol. How far is the nearest station? How long will the petrol in your tank hold out? Then the dash light comes on and everyone gets really nervous!

Take the guesswork out of petrol planning. Fuel Monitor, an app costing $1.99, takes your vehicle’s petrol usage rate, combines it with the distance on the trip, and lets you know when you need to locate a station. It also gives an estimate of how much your trip will cost and can even guide you to emergency repair locations.

No one wants to run out of petrol on the way to an amazing camping trip. Make sure to download this helpful app.



Campstay Australian camping app

This app will help you to locate, compare and book holiday parks and campgrounds. You can even shortlist your top camp spots and organise your next trip.

Campstay supports all locations across Australia and New Zealand, so you will be spoilt for choice when selecting a campsite nearby. With no extra booking fees, you’ll easily be able to compare costs and locations.

Campstay is also proudly Australian owned and operated, so you can feel good using a local company too.

Australia Free – Free camping and free activities!

The Australia Free app will get you on the road and staying at all of those free campsites! Yes, FREE! The app has also taken the budget travellers to the next level by giving advice on the top free things to do and free sights to see.

A huge amount of research, photography and over 120,000 kilometres has gone into this app and it’s database. It now houses many features and ideas for the budget friendly traveller, some include but not limited to:

  • Adventures
  • Sights
  • Landmarks
  • Tours
  • Museums
  • Galleries

Free Range Camping

Free Range Camping contains everything you need to find campsites & campervan related businesses all around Australia.

With many product reviews, other traveller stories, places to see and more, this app is made to help and inspire you. With access to their online shop, you can purchase camping equipment and other camping products to make sure your trip is as luxury as you like.

Rest assured knowing that the database at Free Range Camping is sourced from authorities including National Parks, Departments of Transport, Councils, State Government Agencies and private site owners. This means you’ll always be camping in the right places and won’t get caught out.

Other features within this app include:

  • Navigation
  • Offline Capabilities
  • Full Site Details
  • Search & Filter Functions
  • Reviews

Wikicamps Australia

Wikicamps Australia camping app

Another great app to help you find the right campsite is Wikicamps Australia. This campground app works on your mobile phone, tablet, or PC and promises the most current information on campgrounds across Australia.

One of the most important advantages of this app, which costs $2.99, lies in the fact that Wikicamps Australia can work offline once downloaded. This provides an exceptionally helpful service when going to remote place away from phone service.

NSW National Parks

A lot of travellers start their trip in our historic city of Sydney, so what better place to explore than all of the NSW National Parks nearby? This app is state-run and is great for locating camping areas in national parks.

If you are looking for a cheap or free stay, on a National Park, then look so further. Check out this app for all other states too, most states in Australia have a similar app.

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