We all know how much fun campervan holidays are for the whole family. Part of making sure everyone has a great time is taking care of your family’s safety on the road. ‘Drive Safe with Your Family’ tackles this the issue of road safety and offer experts tips for keeping your family safe.

When school holidays and annual leave has arrived, there’s no better family holiday than hitting the road! A road trip is a great bonding experience for the whole family, and you can stop off at some pretty amazing places around Australia. But aside from having plenty of travel games prepared to keep the littlies entertained, a very important factor when on the road is ensuring the safety of your family.

We were delighted to feature in the article by NSW Compensation Lawyers. The article inspired us to share some tips of our own for a safe campervan experience that everyone will enjoy.

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Take Regular Breaks

Taking regular breaks on your trip is essential for everyone – not just the driver, who can become fatigued after too many hours behind the wheel, but also for the rest of the family. Remember, if your kids get tired, they’re likely to become restless. This can be a big distraction for the driver.

Make Breaks Interesting

When you stop off for a much-needed rest, it’s best to stop somewhere the kids will find interesting, such as a park or beach. This way, they’ll be able to get out to stretch their legs and play, which will relieve some of their boredom! It’s also important on your breaks to make sure everyone has something nutritious to eat and is well-hydrated.

In case conditions aren’t good for letting the kids out, it’s also advisable to have plenty of games on hand to keep them entertained!

Choose a Modern Vehicle

If you’re on the road with children, it’s essential that the vehicle you hire has the correct anchor points for child booster seats or baby capsules. Many older vehicles don’t have them. It’s vitally important to make sure everyone is correctly secured when you’re driving.

Our top recommendation is the Hi5 Campervan, which sleeps a family of five and is fitted with all the essential safety equipment for a great family holiday. It comes fully equipped with a large fridge, a microwave, sink, a gas stove, and can sleep a family of up to five. It’s the perfect home-on-wheels to make your family’s holiday the trip of a lifetime!

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