If Western Australia is on your mind for your next road trip destination, there are a few places you won’t want to miss. From the crystal-clear seas to the spectacular red sands, here are a few hidden gems to visit in sunny Western Australia.

Coral Bay to Exmouth

The small town of Coral Bay is settled on the edge of the Indian Ocean which houses the beautiful Ningaloo Reef. While less well known than the Great Barrier Reef, the Ningaloo Reef is a marine paradise and one of the favourite holiday spots to local West Australians. Its beautiful coral gardens, white beaches and the laidback seaside town is certainly a must. From solo to family travellers, Coral Bay has everything you could need.

This beautiful reef continues up to the small resort town of Exmouth. Together with the gorges of Cape Range National Park and the white sandy beaches of the Ningaloo Reef, Exmouth is the must-see destination for keen divers and snorkelers. Exmouth is also the gateway to the nearby Ningaloo Marine Park with its coral reefs, colourful fish and migratory whale sharks.

coral bay exmouth

Karajini National Park

Settled in the heart of Western Australia is the two-billion-year-old Karajini National Park which spans approximately 6274 square km or 4178 square miles. This expansive National Park is Western Australia’s second largest park and offers gorgeous rugged scenery, ancient geological rock formations, arid-land ecosystems and plenty of recreational experiences. Some of the do not miss activities are: swimming in the spring-fed pools beneath Fortescue Falls, Oxer Lookouts spectacular views, climb Mount Bruce and Wander among the Wildflowers.

karajini national park

Eighty Mile Beach

Extending over 220 kilometres, Eighty Mile Beach in its simplest form is sand, shells and surf as far as the eye can see. Endless stretches of white sand beaches with scattered seashells meet the rocky shores and seagrass meadows of the land. Known for its panoramic vista and turquoise waters, this makes it a popular site for beach fishing, camping, swimming, beachcombing, bird watching and simply enjoying the magnificent sunsets. It is also a major nesting area for flatback turtles which are only found in Northern Australia. Sawfish, dugong, dolphin and millions of invertebrates make their homes in the sand and mudflats, seagrass meadows, coral reefs and mangroves.

eighty mile beach


Built on the pearling trade, the present-day Broome is a popular holiday destination and is the gateway to the wild Kimberley region. Warm temperatures and palm trees provide the perfect tropical vibe, with its red pindan soils to the white sands of Cable Beach.

One of the greatest attraction in Broome, apart from the sunset camel rides along Cable Beach, is the spectacular Staircase to the Moon. For 3 nights every month between March and October food and market stalls are set up at Town Beach and they celebrate the phenomena.

While you are there we recommend not to miss out on watching the sunset on Cable beach and trying on the perfect white orbs of cultured Broome pearls.

broome sunset


220 kilometres north-east of Broome is the small town of Derby. Located on the edge of the King Sound, this small town claim to fame it having the highest tides of any Australia port. Approximately 11m or 36 feet of tidal different means there is an enormous amount of water rushing in and out every 6 hours!

Also known as the “Home of the Boab Tree” this town is the place to be for the sunset. Every evening, locals and tourists alike claim a spot along the pier to watch the sunset and enjoy a drink or two with locals. It is said to be a tradition started when the pier was first built in 1885.

7 kilometres out of town is the site of the ‘Boab Prison Tree”, a 1500-year-old Boab tree used as an overnight lockup for prisoners in the early times of town settlement.

derby australia

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