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How to backpack on a budget… for skint travellers in the New Year!

Australia isn’t the most expensive place in the world, equally, it’s not the cheapest. We understand that whilst you’re on this side of the planet you will want to make the most of everything and try to experience everything you possibly can! Therefore, we’ve put together a pretty handy list of how to have the ultimate backpacking experience without having to remortgage your parent’s house.

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Plan ahead!

As fun as it is to be spontaneous, if you’re travelling during peak season you can’t afford to be too casual when booking accommodation. Places fill up fast during summer months, and if a hostel isn’t full – it’s expensive. Don’t get yourself screwed over, have a vague plan and try to sort yourself out at least a few nights ahead. Of course, if you have booked a van with Travellers Autobarn, you won’t have that problem…

Try and not to spend all your money on food and drink!

We know how easy it can be to blow the budget on food and drink, especially when you are on the road for hours and hours every single day. You get bored and fidgety and as a result, you just constantly eat – not wholesome healthy foods either – I’m talking pure crap, food from the drive-in and packets of crisps and lollies. When you’re not driving we suspect you are spending lots of time socialising with a drink in your hand, which results in a further 15 bevvies. For the sake of your health and bank balance, we suggest cooking and drinking in your hostel/campervan as much as possible. It’s still a sociable experience, without the $12 price tags for an imported beer. Heard of goon? It’s about to become your best friend.

Also, remember to restrict yourself with alcohol if you’re planning on driving early the next day!
Food prep


Discount websites

Okay, are you ready to be let into a pretty big secret? One which will allow you to both save money AND participate in all those must do’s on your trip?

I’m talking kayaking, reef trips, skydiving, bungy jumping… restaurants. Locations are from Brisbane up to Cairns/Port Douglas – so we’re talking plenty of activities. Oh yes, we’re about to save you heaps of dollar.

You heard it here first.



Use facilities available to you!

Whilst on the road, you don’t always have to stay in a hostel or a fancy caravan park. Obviously there will be times when you are super eager to get out of the van and you will need to charge the battery every couple of nights, however, if you don’t have to pay lots of money for one of those options – then rough it! There are plenty of places where you can pull over and park – just check you’re not breaking any laws, or p*ssing any locals off! There are heaps of showers and toilet facilities all around Australia, especially if you’re by the sea. In addition, the luxury of Australia is that there are also tons of BBQ areas at your disposal. Please just make sure that you leave these as clean and tidy as you find them so that other people can make the most of these fantastic facilities available!


Take advantage of as many free trips as possible!

There are heaps of free city tours when exploring the country, and best of all – they’re free! There is an expectation that you tip the guide after the tour, so give what you can afford whilst you immerse yourself in the history and hustle ‘n’ bustle of the city!

Other good websites to check out are and for further information about free tours and things going on!



Get to know the locals!

People in Australia are friendly people. Like, really friendly. Of course you should always be wary of strangers, and be cautious wherever you are in the world, however, Australians are very hospitable people and would love nothing more than to show you their homeland. Whether it’s a drive round, a room to sleep in, an invitation to their family BBQ or an afternoon spent on their boat – there’s no better, more authentic experience. Don’t take advantage of peoples generosity, but gratefully accept all opportunities available to you!



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