If you are a backpacker travelling in Australia for months on end, there’s a good chance you’ll want to get yourself some wheels to explore this huge country. Having your own car or campervan gives you the ultimate freedom and flexibility to explore where you want to, when you want to. However, sometimes this can come with the stress of trying to sell your vehicle before you inevitably go back home. You don’t want to have to settle for a price that is far less than what your vehicle is worth, due to time pressure. Here are our best tips on how to sell your car or campervan after you finish travelling in Australia.

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Don’t leave it until the last minute

The worst mistake many backpackers make when it comes to selling their car, is leaving it until a few days or weeks before they leave to sell it. This will only end in stress and tears if there are no immediate buyers. Start listing your vehicle online at least 5 or 6 weeks before you leave, so you get an idea of how many potential buyers are out there and what price they would be willing to pay. You should also be realistic about the price you are going to get. Like most things, cars depreciate in value, and you aren’t usually going to get back what you paid for it. If you don’t end up getting what you hoped for, think of it as a travel expense – you probably still saved money as opposed to catching flights and public transport everywhere!

List the vehicle for sale in a popular city

Many backpackers make the mistake of thinking they can sell their vehicle anywhere they want. Though this is probably true if you have enough time, it’s going to be tough if there aren’t many people wanting to buy. Try to sell your vehicle in a popular city, one that is highly populated either with tourists or locals. For campervans especially, make sure you sell in a city which has a lot of backpackers. Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and Cairns are usually very popular. The time of year also determines how much interest you might get. For example, in peak travel season (November – March) there will be a lot more interest in campervans as people want to travel in summer!

Advertise your car in popular places

Of course, you’ll need to advertise your car or campervan in places where it gets the most interest.

  • Gumtree is a popular website used for buying and selling anything including cars in Australia. It’s free to use and gets a lot of viewers.
  • Backpacker Cars is a partner website of Travellers Autobarn. Hundreds of backpackers in the same position as you advertise their vehicles here and get very good response rates from potential buyers.
  • Printouts at hostels are also an option. It might seem pretty old school, but think about the number of backpackers coming and going in hostels that will see your ad without even searching for it!


Travellers Autobarn Buyback Guarantee

We take the stress out of the car selling situation for you. When you buy a car or campervan from Travellers Autobarn, it comes with a guaranteed buyback for up to 12 months of owning it. We will buy back your vehicle for 30 – 50% of what you paid for it, and you get to own a campervan for up to a year! There is no negotiating with us to sell it back, and we don’t take the mileage into consideration. It is guaranteed. Think about the peace of mind you will have during your trip knowing you can get some money back after your trip and not stress about a car that you need to sell!

Read more about our guaranteed buyback here.

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Bastian is the Sales & Marketing Manager here at Travellers Autobarn. He holds a Master of Commerce in Marketing and International Business Management, and 20+ years experience in campervan hire, road trips and travel.

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