Road trip vs Backpacking: Better travelling in a campervan?

So you’re working on your holiday trip, and you’re probably weighing up how you plan on getting around! Look no further. If you’re a carefree spirit who wants to decide on whether backpacking or having a road trip is better or you, read on to see how both options compare to each other!



It’s just you, your mates or significant other and the great open roads! Or if you’re a solo traveller, it’s a great way to invigorate your independence. Going on a road trip has always been the great dream, it’s a memorable, exciting and enjoyable way to get to know the place you’re travelling in. Travelling in a campervan allows you to take your own path in your journey, whilst still giving you your creature comforts of home and security. You’ll have the space to bring your favourite belongings with you, knowing your mobile home will be able to keep it all safe and sound, meaning less hassle.



A great way to explore your surroundings in your own independent way. There’s no extra luggage to slow you down in your journey, it’s just you and your backpack! It has great health benefits and can be considered a therapeutic outlet for your soul. You’ll experience your surroundings in a unique way, by boosting your social skills (You’ll learn to become quite to social butterfly, if you aren’t already!) Your costs will be dramatically cut, if you need to be a penny pincher, and above all it has no restrictions! It is your path, your destination.


Ok so now you’re probably thinking; they both sound like great options! Which one is best for me?

Let’s look at comparisons:



Security and privacy – a definite must! The greatest sense of independence
Great time management – getting to destinations faster Great on saving cash – penny pinchers ahoy!
Great place to sleep without hassle Good way to travel with little possessions
Gives you a great sense of independence Ideal way to get exercise while travelling
Having all your creature comforts, such as electricity, shelter, and cooking capabilities Pushes you out of your comfort zone
Cost per day is greatly halved Will need to think often about where you will find your accommodation
Meet a lot of other travellers on your journey May not have so much privacy

The verdict:

At the end of the day, this is your choice, your way of travelling around. Both methods have great advantages of travel however, travelling within a campervan definitely has greater benefits for those that enjoy their creature comforts and security. The open road is calling, when are you going to answer?

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