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New Chubby Camper Launch

Chubby Camper 2

Chubby Camper 2013

To all Travellers Autobarn Fans – we are happy to announce our latest launch – THE CHUBBY CAMPER 2013 MODEL!

It’s is brand new – right out of the factory – with zero kilometers – and ready to get on the road as of the 1st of November 2013 (may be even earlier)! So what’s so different about this new Chubby Campers?


Rather than just supplying a basic esky the new Chubby Camper comes with a Tropical Ice Box – meaning your ice will stay cooler & last much longer than with a standard esky. This is of great benefit when it comes to saving a few dollars on powered camp site. Other vans require powered camp sites to recharge the battery fora little fridge – this outweighs the costs of a bag of ice very quickly. Plus you can take the ice box with you anywhere you want – it is not just restricted to your vehicle. MASSIVE PLUS!


Chubby Camper - Tropical Ice Box 25L



Even funkier this vehicle comes with internal LED lights – making the van looking even cooler and providing even more internal light than the previous model. And of course, it still comes with the basic lights as per the original model!


Chubby Camper - Nigh time



Would you believe it – it even comes with TWO USB chargers where you are able to charge all your USB powered advices such as smart phones, tablets and so on – this is unique in the market! Very clever.

Chubby Camper - USB plugs 2


Ok, this is not new but often ignored – when staying at a powered camp site the new Chubby Camper provides the option to charge all your electronic advices – pretty cool!

Chubby Camper - LED lights


The new model comes with even greater storage space – you have more space within the kitchenette as well as storage nets.’

Chubby Camper - Kitchenette & Storage



Both options can be hired for a very little extra costs – the roof racks allow you to carry personal items up to 120 KG (NOTE: It is the customer responsibility to install all personal items onto the roof racks – Travellers Autobarn will be unable to assist nor take any responsibility for the installation of personal items onto the roof). The external awning/rear-mounted tent is an excellent protection against the sun as well as rain.


So – let’s hire one of these awesome new Chubby Camper models! Compared to our previous Chubby models – now called BUDGIE VANS – they are only between $2 to $9/day more and you are getting a lot more value! For any questions don’t hesitate to contact us on 1800 674 374.

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