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Top 4 Safety Checks for Your Campervan Road Trip

So you’re about to embark on your amazing road trip, the trip you’ve been anticipating for so long! You’re all set and ready to go. Hold on! There’s something you’ve missed. You need to make sure your noble steed (erm… Campervan) is in great condition to rack up those kilometres on your journey and avoid a breakdown. Here are the best ways to check if your campervan is safe for your road trip.

Campervan safety checks for roadtrips

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1. Tyre

Your tyres are the only parts of the vehicle that keep you connected to the road. It’s highly important to ensure they are in the best condition possible to ensure you won’t have a nasty experience while on your road trip, and make sure you arrive safely to your destinations. Three key checks to do are: Air pressure, tread, and wear. Make sure that you have the correct air pressure (Psi) in your tyres, you can check this at any petrol station or garage. Check to see the tread that each tyre has. You can do this by inserting a coin or a matchstick head into the grooves of each tyre. General rule is if the entire match head does not fit in the groove, your tyres are balding. Lastly, inspect the wear of each tyre, if you notice that there are any odd balding spots on the tyres, it could indicate that there is too little, or too much air in the tyre, or that they are not aligned. Check in with a garage to replace the old tyres.

2. Lights

Without light in the darkness, how can we see? Therefore, it is so important to make sure your lights are working in your campervan. First things first, it’s handy to ensure you have a driving buddy with you to conduct these checks. You want to make sure your fog lamps, night lamps and high beams are working. Check that all your indicators and hazard lights work. Finally, test that your brake lights and reverse lamps are bright and working. All petrol stations, garages, or auto parts and accessories stores stock the essentials for lamps and indicators, so fear not! It is a simple and solvable solution!

3. Fluids and Oils

Be sure to check the engine oil and fluids, such as coolant, windscreen wiper water, power steering fluid and brake fluid are topped up at full. Simply pull out the dipsticks, wipe clean and reinsert to pull out again to grab a correct reading of fluid levels and top up accordingly. Necessary fluids and oils can be bought from petrol stations and all auto accessories stores.

Campervan Safety Checks for the Open Road
4. Interior

Lastly, check to make sure the interior of your campervan is in working order and ready to go. Keep all moving items, such as your luggage, bedding and cooking equipment are secured safely to avoid them moving around while you drive. Check that the gas bottle and water tank has been shut off completely and turn off the electrical supply whilst driving

If you follow all these steps and checks, your camper should be in great condition and ready to start your journey! If you want to  hire a campervan feel free to contact Travellers Autobarn.

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