Planning to travel around Australia on a budget? Travelling for over 6 months, maybe a year? Want to have maximum flexibility, to wake up with a different view every day and have also a bit more cash on your hands? In this case, you should definitely consider road trippin’ and buy a Hitop – the ideal vehicle to travel around Australia!

Travellers Autobarn Hi Top Campervans for Sale (4)

Hitops are roomy, they are fuel efficient, they come with a fully equipped kitchen including microwave, gas stove as well as fridge and feature a proper day & night layout – and yes it can seat & sleep up to 3 people!

Travellers Autobarn Hi Top Campervans for Sale (4)

Let’s do some sums: Traveling around a vast country like Australia, involves a lot of kilometres, usually in 5th gear just cruising around. This is exactly what these vehicles have been doing and LOVE doing! During your trip, you will save a fortune on accommodation. We are also very confident that those vehicles will perform reliably and to your expectations. At the end of your trip, you will sell your Hitop, probably around $10,000 ($10,000 will be a bad day at the office). So, even if you bought the camper for $19,000 and you sold it a year later, the difference is $9,000. On one year (365 days) that will be a daily rate of $24.65 !!! And that’s paying a top price of $19,000 and selling it for a low of $10,000. Just imagine you paid only $16,000 and sold it for $13,000 – that is $8.22/day !!!!

In addition, with Travellers Autobarn, you get certain warranties included in your purchase package, the most important is our Buyback Guarantee. It is a last resort warranty that ensures we will buy the vehicle back for a certain percentage fixed on date of purchase (50% on all HiTops). You might think, this is not a lot! No, it isn’t but if you consider going home without selling your car at all (e.g. low season = low demand or family gets sick an you run out of time to sell), 50% of your purchase price is better than nothing.

Travellers Autobarn Hi Top Campervans for Sale (4)

We do also help with insurance and registration, so you really don’t need to worry about doing all the paperwork on your holiday. We have been in the market since 1993, we are here to assist and provide advice so don’t hesitate to pick our brains.

More info on our services can be found on our website. For sales enquiries please contact us on or call our office +61 (2) 9360 1225.

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