Young couple having breakfast next to their hired station wagon

Station wagons (also known as ‘stationwagons’, ‘wagons’ or ‘minivans’) are a great way to get around and explore Australia. 

Station wagons used to be the default way for backpackers and travellers to get around Australia. However, these severely underrated, convenient, kinda-cars have recently started disappearing from roads everywhere. Hiring a station wagon to travel Australia has its own unique advantages over a traditional car, and for some people it might be even better than a van. 

Let’s have a look at a few advantages of hiring a station wagon over other vehicles:

Hiring a station wagon is cheap

Traveller stopped by the water in a Travellers Autobarn station wagon

Travelling in a station wagon is a very, very cheap way to explore Australia. 

Hiring a wagon starts at about $25 per day — yep, that’s right, 25 dollarydoos for an entire day. It’s a whole lot cheaper than most cars, vans or hotels that’s for sure. Even i