You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Have an Adventure: Opt for Budget Van Rental

It’s not only the rich that can have grand adventures! With a budget van rental, you can see Australia on your terms and stay within your means. For a great value, you can plan a 7 to 10 day road trip. We’re sharing some great ideas on how to keep costs down.

Budget considerations

When determining your budget, there are several considerations. You’ll need to budget for the vehicle, accommodations, food and drink, fuel and activities. One important thing to keep in mind is the conversion rate, if you’re arriving from abroad. When choosing a vehicle, also ensure you have unlimited kilometres so additional fees don’t add up.

No hotel required; sleep in your budgie van

The first thing to determine is the type of vehicle. Budget van rental options allow you to travel comfortably without spending too much. In fact, budgie van rentals start at just $35 a day. Even though it’s a budgie, it’s actually very spacious. With this vehicle, you can end your day adventures at a campsite, cook dinner in the kitchenette and relax. With the double bed, you can slumber peacefully without needing to spend more on hotels. Travellers Autobarn rentals provide you free access to campgrounds as well as discounts at caravan parks.

Campervan Camping

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Food and drink

You will need to budget for food and drink. With the kitchenette, you can purchase food before you go and plan out your meals and snacks. Typically, one person under 35 years old spends a little over $100 a week on food and drink. Hit up big chain supermarkets for the best deals.

If you’d like to eat out a few times, add that cost to your budget. Budget at least $15 to $25 for the food as well as more dollars for beer or cocktails ($7-$20). Consider the time of day when you’ll be eating out and hit Happy Hours whenever possible.


Fuel is another major consideration for your trip. Fuel costs fluctuate so make sure you have accurate data. One tip we recommend is collecting fuel vouchers. When shopping for your groceries, stores like Coles or Woolworth offer you discount vouchers for four to eight cents off each litre when you spend $30 or more. You do have to use petrol stations at Coles or Woolworth to use the vouchers. Calculate your fuel budget with our handy fuel calculator.


There are a lot of amazing adventures awaiting you that are free! Here are a few ideas.

Take in the sun at the Gold Coast beaches. A day at the beach won’t cost you anything. This is a seasonal activity, but even in the colder months you can enjoy the view, especially the sunset. There are often trails and hikes to enjoy as well.

Gold Coast Beaches

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Botanical gardens are another way to experience nature at no cost. There are over 140 gardens in the country. The two most popular are the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney, offering views of the Sydney Opera House, and in Brisbane.

Royal Botanical Gardens Sydney

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Check out the street markets of Australia. You’ll find handcrafted, unique offerings at these markets across the country. It’s always a treasure hunt as there may be a bit of everything. If you have eclectic tastes, this is for you. The Salamanca Market in Hobart is a favourite. Arts and crafts goods line the Eumundi Markets in Queensland. Throughout the countryside, there are many farmers markets, where you’ll find some fresh produce at a great price.

Salamanca Market Hobart

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Hike the trails of the national parks and forests of Australia. These experiences go unrivalled in terms of witnessing nature’s majesty. Daintree in Queensland is home to a broad collection of plant life and animals. Flinders National Park is a park on the ruins of an early European settlement and has many Aboriginal rock art sites. In Western Australia, the Purnululu National Park sits in the Bungle Bungle Range. You’ll marvel at the beehive-shaped landforms, formed by erosion and uplift over the last 20 million years. Find more national park ideas here.

Flinders National Park

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Are you a wine lover? Australia is home to many amazing wineries. These scenic locations are great eye candy as well. Check out the Barossa Valley, the Hunter Valley, Margaret River, Yarra Valley, the Coal River Valley and Clare Valley. With all these great choices, you’ll find one no matter your route. Tastings are free.

Hunter Valley

Image via Visit NSW

The extras

When determining your van budget rental, don’t forget about the extras. The first “extra” is the bond required for rental. Travellers Autobarn freezes bonds up to 14 days only. There are no cash deductions.

Other extras include costs related to phone usage and internet. So, if you’re coming from abroad, research this before you arrive. You should also plan for any paid activities you’d like to experience. This could include tours, museums (although many are free) or snorkeling. Set a budget for shopping so you don’t get overdrawn. Also throw in a bit for emergencies. Although with Autobarn Travellers, you’ll be able to get 24/7 roadside assistance at no additional cost.

Putting the numbers together

An amazing trip awaits you. Just remember to run the numbers first. Make a list of all the possible debits and see what the range is for your total expenses. This can also help you plan the number of days you can afford. When you set your budget, it’s time to make your reservation. Reserving your budget van rental early will also help you save a few dollars.

With van budget rental from Travellers Autobarn, you can find a great deal. And with all the services they offer, you won’t have to worry about many hidden costs like mileage or campground access. The TAB App is also a great tool for free road trip information. Start planning today. Start with checking out our budget van rental options.

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