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Campervan Hire Australia

Start your road trip around Australia from one of six Travellers Autobarn locations.







Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the minimum age to hire a campervan in Australia?

The minimum age to hire a campervan or station wagon with us in Australia is 18 years old. The maximum age we allow is 80 years old.


How much does it cost to hire a campervan in Australia?

Campervans can cost anywhere between $29/day to $225/day – it depends on the campervan type, the location you wish to pick-up your campervan from, the length of hire as well as the pick-up date. Generally speaking, cheaper rates are available from May to June as well as August to September (pick-ups).


What is the best time to hire a campervan in Australia?

The best time to hire a campervan in Australia is, well, anytime. It’s always warm in Brisbane, Cairns & Darwin — but be mindful that during December and March, Darwin is subject to plenty of rain. Look further south, and Melbourne, Sydney & Perth are ideal between October and April.


Do I need a special licence to hire and drive a campervan?

In Australia, a full licence is typically required to hire or drive a campervan. To hire a campervan from Travellers Autobarn Australia, you will need a standard full licence, or a NSW Green P licence.


What kind of campervans do you have available?

We offer anywhere from 2-berth to 5-berth campervans — or in plain English — campervans for 2 to 5 people. Better yet, we’ll cater our options to suit your budget and preferred set of features.

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