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Speak with an Aussie and they will complain no-end about the recent increase in Fuel prices. What most Aussie’s don’t know, is that the price of fuel in Europe is almost double in any case, so despite these increases, driving still remains a relatively cheap travel option for European backpackers.

Towards the end of 2004, fuel prices in Sydney averaged around 0.91cents per litre. However since fuel prices in Sydney have risen dramatically and have been seen anywhere between the $1.30 per litre to as high as $1.59 per litre.

Besides worldwide oil prices, there are 2 other factors which determine local fuel prices in Australia. They are:

– As Australia is so large and vast, it is logistically hard to supply certain regional areas with fuel, therefore increasing its cost to bring it to the pump
– Each state has differing taxation policies which sees a variety of additional costs added to the cost price

The best tip we can give you is to collect FUEL VOUCHERS – if you do your shopping in a Coles or Woolworth supermarket and spend over $30 they often supply you with discount voucher such as 4 or 8 cents of each litre – very handy. This of course depends on different states and you will need to use these vouchers at dedicated Coles and Woolworth petrol stations.

Please see links below on FUEL WATCH style websites. They provide daily information on current fuel prices around Australia.

1542 km
958 mi
Alice Springs
2063 km
1282 mi
3012 km
4288 km
2664 mi
2746 km
1706 mi
4560 km
2833 mi
3143 km
1953 mi
2324 km
1444 mi
1717 km
1067 mi
3962 km
2461 mi
3053 km
1897 mi
1511 km
934 mi
2122 mi
1865 km
1159 mi
2727 km
1694 mi
728 km
452 mi
2270 km
1674 km
1040 mi
5016 km
3117 mi
3054 km
1898 mi
3781 km
2349 mi
2724 km
1693 mi
3630 km
2256 mi
4384 km
2724 mi
2250 km
1398 mi
5954 km
3700 km
4045 km
2513 mi
3452 km
2145 mi
1420 km
882 mi
2644 km
1642 mi
996 km
619 mi
5234 km
3252 mi
2564 km
1582 mi
4000 km
2485 mi
868 km
539 mi
4144 km
2575 mi

A guide to distances between Australian cities


Road Trip Fuel Price Calculator

Calculate approximately what your journey is going to cost you in fuel.

How to use?

Step 1: Get a price estimate from one of the above websites
Step 2. Calculate the approximate length of your trip from the table above
Step 3: Select the type of vehicle you plan to drive in
Step 4: Click the button to calculate

Note: these website list prices in Cents per Litre, please convert to Dollars per Litre for this calculator

Please note: The above calculation can only be used as a guide to cost, as all vehicles have different levels of fuel consumption, and you don’t generally drive point to point as the distance table above depicts.

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