Guaranteed Buyback

Whether you are on a GapYear, Working Holiday Visa or simply wish to chill out on your tour of Australia, the Guaranteed Buyback is your insurance policy for return on the investment of purchasing a car. Our rock solid buyback guarantee is considered the best in the business and is a clear and written document you receive with your car purchase.

To claim your buyback with Travellers Autobarn, all you need to do is simply book your buyback in with us 7 days prior, and when you show up with your car you will have a cash cheque in your hand within 1 hour. How easy does that sound?

Why do I need a Buyback?

  • You don’t wish to spend the last 10 days in Australia, underground in the car market (concrete car park) trying to sell your car
  • At certain times of the year you cannot sell your car
  • At certain times of the year, your buyback will be larger then what you can sell your car for
  • Selling your car is easy for some, hard for others
  • You have a document in your hand that tells you how much your car is worth at a minimum, and you can see who offers you more
  • Australia is very large and each city has a different tourist season effecting the saleability of your car
Buyback Rates

Below is a table of approximate Buyback rates. The final price will also reflect the condition of the car and whether the terms of the Buyback Policy were adhered to.

Less than 3 months Negotiable (you may want to Rent)
Up to 6 months 40% of Purchase
Up to 12 months 30% of Purchase
Buyback Policy

The conditions of the buyback guarantee are very simple. The basis of the agreement is that we, Travellers Autobarn will guarantee to buy back the vehicle you purchase for approx. 30%-50%. Apart from the bodywork and the windscreen, the mechanical condition of the vehicle upon return will NOT affect the buyback price.

The mileage or kilometres travelled is also of no concern to the calculation or payment of the buyback price. The percentage buyback is negotiated before departure, so you will know exactly what money to expect upon return. This is a fixed and written guaranteed buyback price.

We ask you to keep the vehicle in a roadworthy condition and to service the vehicle every 5000 km. Approx. cost of servicing the vehicle should be $80 for a simple oil change at 5000 km and possibly $150 to $250 for a more thorough service and tune-up at the 10,000 km mark. Click here for full policy

Buyback Guarantees

Insurance against failing to sell or the cheapest way to maximise your time on the road.

The advantage of the buyback system is that you know before you begin your journey what your bottom line is, allowing you to make important decisions regarding your budget and, most importantly, your time.

Most people find it easy to sell their car for more than the buyback price but enough people run into difficulties selling their car to make the buyback guarantee great insurance.

The only dealer offering true guaranteed buyback deals is Travellers Autobarn. Our 30% to 50% buyback guarantee is fixed and written. No fine print and no games. We do require you to service the vehicle every 5000km which should cost you no more than $80 to $200 and keep the car in good running order – which is more to your advantage anyway. The evidence of this 5000km servicing should prove very comforting to prospective buyers when the time comes to sell your car.

Buyback Example:

Ford Falcon Stationwagon 2010
Purchased price: AUD$6000
Buyback price after 12 weeks: 50% (AUD$3000)
Buyback price after 6 months: 40% (AUD$2400)
Buyback price up to 12 months: 30% (AUD$1800)

Two Nights Free hostel style accommodation and airport pick-up on arrival if you pay a deposit before you arrive! Sales Vehicles Only. (*Conditions Apply)

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Why buy with us
  • Nationwide Guaranteed Buyback

  • 3 Day 100% money back guarantee

  • 5K / 10K Australia-wide engine & gearbox warranty

  • Try & Buy scheme

  • Roadworthy certificate