Guaranteed Buyback

Whether you are on a GapYear, Working Holiday Visa or simply wish to chill out on your tour of Australia, the Guaranteed Buyback is your insurance policy for return on the investment of purchasing a car. Our rock solid buyback guarantee is considered the best in the business and is a clear and written document you receive with your car purchase.

To claim your buyback with Travellers Autobarn, all you need to do is simply book your buyback in with us 7 days prior, and when you show up with your car you will have a cash cheque in your hand within 1 hour. How easy does that sound?

Why do I need a Buyback?

  • You don’t wish to spend the last 10 days in Australia, underground in the car market (concrete car park) trying to sell your car
  • At certain times of the year you cannot sell your car
  • At certain times of the year, your buyback will be larger then what you can sell your car for
  • Selling your car is easy for some, hard for others
  • You have a document in your hand that tells you how much your car is worth at a minimum, and you can see who offers you more
  • Australia is very large and each city has a different tourist season effecting the saleability of your car
Buyback Rates

Below is a table of approximate Buyback rates. The final price will also reflect the condition of the car and whether the terms of the Buyback Policy were adhered to.

Less than 3 months Negotiable (you may want to Rent)
Up to 6 months 40% of Purchase
Up to 12 months 30% of Purchase