Security Bond Options & Exclusions

When it comes to security bond options it can get quickly very confusing…so let’s talk about it and provide as much information as we can for you.

Basically, the security bond is how much you need to have available on your Visa/Mastercard credit card (please note that we don’t accept cash cards) at the time you hire your vehicle.  We will pre-authorise this amount, which means placing a hold on the funds for approximately 14 days, we do not actually deduct the funds at this time.

In the event your vehicle or third-party property is damaged, the amount of the security bond will be deducted from your credit card account and you will need to pre-authorise a 2nd security bond before you continue with your hire.

You can choose different options to reduce the amount of your security bond as outlined below.

IMPORTANT: In the event any damage is caused to your vehicle or third-party property by you breaching our Terms and Conditions or the damage is caused due to one of the Exclusions listed below, the amount that is payable by you could be in excess of the security bond that you have chosen.

Standard Protection – $0/day – $3000 Security Bond

If you choose our Standard Protection package your security bond is $3,000. This is our default package and is included in your daily hire rate. On pick-up we will freeze the amount of $3,000 on your credit card for approximately 14 days from the pick-up date.

Under this option, you will also be responsible for the full cost of damage caused by Single Vehicle Rollovers or the market value of the vehicle if a Write Off up to a maximum amount of $50,000.

Midway Protection – $20/day – $1500 Security Bond

If you choose the Midway Protection package your security bond is $1,500. To reduce your security bond to $1,5