NRMA (National Roads & Motorists Association)

The NRMA is the New South Wales Automobile Association. Membership is included FREE with every vehicle from Travellers Autobarn. Membership entitles you to 24-hour roadside assistance Australia-wide, in case of breakdown. The Association also provides FREE MAPS for the entire continent, as well as advice on road conditions in more remote areas of Australia.

Pinkslips & Roadworthy Certificates

Cars registered in NSW more than 5 years old must pass an annual roadworthy test, if the car passed safe it will get a roadworthy certificate. When buying a car it would be good to see a roadworthy certificate. However, if you are buying privately the owner is under no obligation to supply one. Car dealers such as Traveller Autobarn provide a roadworthy certificate with EVERY car.

Bear in mind a certificate is a safety test and gives you no indication of the fitness of the engine or other systems to handle a trip around Australia. Roadworthy certificates are a NSW requirement. Other states have different systems and some states have no inspection requirements at all.

Pinkslips Facts:

  • Cost $37,40
  • Available at most garages
  • Valid for 6 month
  • Test things like tyres, rust, steering, brakes, etc
  • The only time you must have a pinkslip is if your NSW car needs registering
  • In NSW the RTA will not register your car for another year unless it has a pinkslip.

A car can pass the pinkslip brake test but still need new brake linings a week later. Basically do not put too much faith in a pinkslip. The safest way of satisfying your mechanical questions is a PRE-PURCHASE INSPECTION.

Please be aware that each Australia state has different regulations when it comes to Roadworthy Certificates – for more information we advise you to visit any of our branches or call us on 1800 674 374.

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