Campervan Relocations & Deals

We currently have the following relocations:

From Cairns:

  • 1 Kuga Campervan to Melbourne – arrive by 24th of April
  • 3 Stationwagons to Sydney – arrive by 30th of April

From Brisbane:

  • 3 Chubbys to Sydney – from 17th to 30th of April

From Perth:

  • 2 Wagons to Sydney – arrive by 30th of April


All our relocation deals will be posted on our Facebook Fan Page so please feel free to become a fan – we will email you if a relocation deal will come available…IMPORTANT FOR FACEBOOK:

We don’t have any branches in Adelaide, Broome or Alice Springs – (only Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Perth & Melbourne – any posts in regards to non-existing branches will automatically be deleted)

Please only ask for a relocation deal if you are able to travel within 3 weeks – unfortunately, we don’t know half a year in advance if we require a relocation deal 😉

Relocations are a fast, cheap way to travel. A maximum of five days is all you need to get you there. Dependant on availability and future bookings, our relocation rates start from as low as $1 per day! Normal Terms and Conditions still apply.



* Conditions Apply – Prices may vary in Peak Seasons.

Relocation Conditions

Are subject to the standard Terms & Conditions of Travellers Autobarn.

Relocations must be delivered in the set days we outline and will be offered at $1.00 per day.

A standard bond of $2500 applies

Any late deliveries will incur large penalties if we are not advised.

Any request to extend relocations will be considered subject to availability, and if approved will be charged at the standard daily vehicle rate from day one. Minimum rental periods may also apply.