Customer Feedback Australia

“I have had the best experience with Travellers Autobarn. The vehicle was very clean and it had everything I needed for three weeks trip. It is well designed with everything you need on the road. Water tanks are enough for three days use. easy to fill up fresh water and depose of the Gray water with all the connections inside the storage area. It had enough storage for all my bags. the LPG gas bottle was enough for me the whole trip and can be filled in any petrol station and it had the generic connection. the battery had enough charge to last. I was freedom camping most of the time and I didn’t need to go to the campsite. It has 2xUSB charging ports to charging while you camping. It has electricity points if you connected the Van to a powered site.The van has enough space to stand up comfortably with no issues (I am 6.2). Mechanically the van was great. I drove almost 4000km with not a single issues. I highly recommend this company, staff members are very professional and makes you feel like family. The vehicle is fully equipped with everything you need, and it was in great mechanical conditions… Great experience in every aspect of it.” – Bach Adba – September 2017

“Really nice staff, clean vans and no issues! Perfect!” – Stefan Dessens – September 2017

“Good customer support after you purchased a vehicle! Friendly stuff!” – Luke Beuning – September 2017

”We rented a station wagon for 6 days, driving down south of Perth. Very happy with the entire process, which was fuss-free and pleasant. Our initial email enquiry was addressed promptly, and all our questions patiently answered. Shoutout to Kara and Nathan at TAB Perth, when picking up the vehicle -both were super helpful, keen to assist and provided valuable tips on where to go/what to see. They made sure that the vehicle we got was clean and all the living equipment in tip top condition. Couldn’t have been more pleased, and slightly sad at the end of Day 6 when we had to return our wagon! Thanks TAB for the great road trip” – Cheng Wee – August 2017

”We had a great experience with Travellers Autobarn when we hired a campervan for Splendour. The customer service was outstanding at the depot both when we picked up and returned the vehicle. The guys were great at the Brisbane depot. I think we were served by John who made sure we had everything we needed.” – Sarah – August 2017

”Had a great time with Travellers Autobarn chubby van for 5 days. Drove from Cairns to Brisbane. Cheers Laura” Laura – July 2017 

”We had a great three weeks trip with a camper van Kuga, Which was perfect! We loved it! The service was excellent and everybody was very friendly and helpful! Would totally rent a car again from Travelers Autobarn! Had a great three weeks trip with a Kuga Campervan which was perfect for that! Loved the tour! The team is super helpful and friendly! Would definitely go back to rent a car from Travelers Autobarn!” – Isabelle – July 2017

“I can’t express how awesome Travellers was for us. We had a Hi5 camper van for 10 days and 10,300 km. The only issue we had was hitting a kangaroo (full coverage insurance paid off!), and travellers handled that for us with top notch service. It was a greater little camper van and everything functioned flawlessly.” – Allen – June 2017

”Convenient location in Cairns for pick up. The staff were fantastic. Super organised and the early check in provides a quick and easy collection. The detailed travel packs and the app is really helpful. Would definitely recommend the company and it’s services to anyone looking to rent a campervan.” – Stephanie – June 2017 

”We travelled 3 weeks on the west coast in a Travellers Autobarn campervan Kuga model. We really enjoyed the campervan and it was a great way to travel the west coast and made some great stops on our way, Coral Bay, Exmouth, Monkey Mia etc. Would recommend this to backpackers and couples on a budget. It’s not the newest campervans, but it works, and you don’t have to pay a fortune. we had a great time.” – Vibeke – June 2017

We have hired a Ford station wagon for our one month East Coast trip and drove 5,000 km without any issues at all! The car was in good condition, clean and equipped with all necessities, like portable stove, chairs, table, tent. We were even given the foam mats when we said we had nothing to put under our sleeping bags (linen and covers are not provided).  At the end of our trip in Melbourne, we had teary eyes when we had to give it back, since this car became our transport, shelter and home for the past 30 days and we were sad to let it go. The guy at the drop-off point was very friendly and did everything quick. We checked the car together and there were no issues with inspection. I think that Travellers Autobarn offers good value for money and I am really happy we went with them, as it made our trip in Australia a great experience we will never forget.” – Lena  – June 2017

”Travellers Autobarn was super simple and straightforward to deal with. We own our own VW Transporter kitted out and the Kuga was certainly an upgrade. Clean and tidy van with all of the necessary elements, as well as a few luxuries like running water and power-points. Sunshine Coast – Melbourne over 5 weeks, such an epic journey supported by the wheels of Travellers Autobarn.” – Katherine – June 2017

”’We’ve been in Australia with a friend during the past 10 days traveling form Brisbane to Sydney in a Kuga camper van. The experience with the camper was awesome, the vehicle works really well, comfortable seats, display of the Kirchen, back ‘living’ and also easy to prepair the bed every night. The experience with Travellers Autobarn was really good form the very begining during the reservation, when we went yo pick up the vehicle they explained us every feature in detailed and the high lights. Something to sum up is the app ‘travellers autobarn app’ very helpful with detailed prices, references, comments and pictures. We strongly recommend hire a camper with them! Very reliable!” – Mora – May 2017

Thank you so much! We bought our lovely Campervan in Cairns and are so happy with our desicion. Whenever there was a problem, we could call the manager Stephan and he helped us. Even when he was not in the office he answered phonecalls and emails.’‘ – Bo Kristen – March 2017

”We bought a Toyota hiace hitop van from TAB in Darwin (with red wheels, a little fun extra they provided). We travelled in our van for almost a year and had no problems with it (just the alternator but that was covered by our warranty).  Zoe was always ready to answer our emails, before AND after we bought the van. We never had to worry about the condition of our van, it was very reliable. Zoe, Rupert and the whole Darwin team thank you!”  Nele and Nikki – April 2017

”Great customer service, condition of the car was good, we had a great trip without any bigger issues! :)”  Pauline – April 2017

”Our first experience with Travellers Autobarn and we will be back. Staff members super friendly and very informative and helpful to us newbies. A great family trip in a Toyota HiAce campervan which was reliable and clean. Highly recommended….”  Janette – April 2017

”We had an amazing experience with the Chubby Campervan along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. Friendly and helpful customer service…great value for the price, and the ideal size for a couple – would definitely rent one again (and plan to), and highly recommend for touring around Australia!”  Kelsey  – March 2017

”Jesus! We nearly could have driven home!  That’s what we were thinking, when we returned our beloved car to Travellers Autobarn. We drove nearly 12.000k with our car without any big problems. Whenever we kissed a pole or a kangaroo, the service was great and we never needed to worry about our insurance. We drove 11.726 km without any problems and saw amazing places all over Australia! We would definitely do it again and would hire a car or maybe a caravan by Travellers Autobarn!” – Wencke – March 2017

”Really good service from the team In cairns – we are currently half way through our trip and are enjoying every minute in the camper. Nice to be given an upgrade on arrival after a long flight from the uk. Would definitely recommend and would use you guys again if we ever came back!” – Lauren – March 2017

”My girlfriend and I hired the Kuga campervan from the friendly Travellers Autobarn staff in Christchurch. They were extremely helpful from the outset, giving us detailed instructions of the van and giving us recommendations on where to visit on our trip. The Travellers Autobarn app was also very helpful in providing us with information on points of interest and camping spots around NZ. We would definitely recommend Travellers Autobarn to anyone wanting to travel around NZ and we would be sure to use them again on a return visit.” – Tom and Caitlin – from the UK – February 2017

”We deal with lots of campervans and travel often. What makes Travellers Autobarn unique, is not only their friendly and professional attitude, but their state of the art new fleet of campers. When we arrived we were treated like family. Mike, the Auckland manager was extremely helpful and full of ideas tailored to our curious nature. The Kuga, (campervan) is of a high quality fitout and can come with all the bells and whistles. The table packs away easily and the mattress was super comfortable. If you need lots of space for your gear, there is plenty of storage in the above compartments. Definitely going to use Travellers Autobarn again. Thanks guys. Was an absolute pleasure.” – Vanlife Diaries – February 2017

”We had a top experience in New Zealand with Travellers Autobarn!! It was so easy to drive and so comfy to sleep in, we wish we could stay another month…or more! And the mobile App is so helpful, gives you travel tips on the way and locates all the campsites around you. We definitely recommend Travellers Autobarn, they delivered more than we expected!!!” – Justine – from France – January 2017

”Great value for money! Our van was super modern and fully equipped, it had everything we needed. We drove down the east coast from Cairns to Brisbane in 2 weeks, there is no better way to experience Australia! On the top of that the staff on pick up and drop off was super friendly! We highly recommend Travellers Autobarn!!” – Justine – from France – January 2017

”We just finished our 3400 km trip from Perth – Exmouth and back, We had great time and good experience with this car company, Car was excellent, Great advantage was that our car had bed, stove, fridge, so we didn’t worry where to store our cold stuff or cook our meal, All stuff was very helpful.I will definitely make booking through this company again.”Kristina – January 2017