Tropical North Queensland Eco-Friendly Road Trip

Australia is built for road trips, making it the perfect way to explore and take in the beauty this country has to offer. When travelling around Queensland, it’s important that you’re taking steps to preserve the natural beauty of places such as the Great Barrier Reef, Daintree Rainforest and many more popular locations. There are many eco-friendly destinations around Queensland that are a must see on your next road trip adventure!  

Here is one of our eco-friendly road trips through the Tropical North Queensland, that should be on everyone’s travelling bucket list!  

Campervan under palm trees


Start by picking up one of our Travellers Autobarn campervans from our Cairns branch in Queensland, Australia.  

Start your adventure off in Cairns and take a day trip out to the Great Barrier Reef! The Great Barrier Reef is a bucket list location for any traveller, especially being one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The Great Barrier Reef has many beautiful coral formations, rare whale and turtle species, over 1,600 species of fish, and there is over 2,300 kilometres of wonder you can explore along the Queensland coast. 

Make sure to get close and personal by snorkelling or diving the Great Barrier Reef, as this is a sustainable way to experience it.  

The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia

Cairns to Port Douglas 

First head north on the Captain Cook Highway and make your way to the stunning Palm Cove, feel the sand in between your toes and relax under the tall palm trees. As you then drive further north, make sure to stop at The Rex Lookout for amazing views of Trinity Bay and looking back towards Cairns. Also keep an eye out for any paragliders taking off and landing, which is a thrilling sight! 

To wrap up the day, about 15 minutes before Port Douglas is the Thala Beach Nature Reserve, which is an eco and wildlife retreat. If you need some relaxation, this is a great one night stay to break up a road trip.  

66km | 1 hr 

Person jumping next to campervan

Port Douglas to Mossman Gorge 

Start your morning with a sunrise walk along Four Mile Beach in Port Douglas.  

Then start your journey back on the road for a day trip to the world’s oldest rainforest, the Daintree Rainforest. Learn about the stories of Australia’s Indigenous people’s connection to the natural environment.  

One of the most popular walks in the Mossman Gorge is the Baral Marrjanga track. It is an easy grade walk that takes 5-10 minutes. This track is also suitable for wheelchairs and the vision impaired. If you are a lover for fresh swims, make sure to take a dip in the Mossman River!  

Drive back to Port Douglas and spend a night eco camping in your campervan under the palm trees.  

22km | 25 min 

Campervan on road

Mossman Gorge to Cape Tribulation 

As you head north towards Cape Tribulation, you’ll drive past lots of sugar cane fields which are mainly grown in Tropical North Queensland. Once you reach the Daintree River, you’ll cross the river by ferry and then travel along sealed roads up until Cape Tribulation.  

Cape Tribulation is where the Daintree Forest collides with the Great Barrier Reef, the best place to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city and breathe in the purity! 

There are many eco-friendly activities you can do in Cape Tribulation such as: 

  • Hiking and mountain biking tracks for you to explore and connect with nature 
  • Kayaking to nearby islands  
  • Walking along the vast empty beaches  

Make sure to try the exotic fruits local to the area or try the ice-cream made from them! 

68km | 1 hr 30 min 

Campervan on road next to beach

Cape Tribulation to Cairns  

Complete your sustainable travel road trip enjoying a relaxing and scenic coastal drive along windy roads back to Cairns. Taking breaks along the way at the stunning beaches to feel the sand in between your toes and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for any crocodiles!  

A must see on your drive back is the Palm Field near the Thala Resort. Drive through the symmetrical palm trees for an instagrammable photo.  

140km | 3 hr 

Campervan on road

Eco-friendly road trips around Australia are possible when travelling to locations that are sustainable and making sure that you as travellers are proactive in your ecotourism research for your travels. With so many eco-friendly destinations, Queensland is the place to explore for your next road trip holiday!  

The Travellers Autobarn hire locations in Queensland are from Brisbane and Cairns. Now that you know more about eco-friendly road trips in Tropical North Queensland, it’s time to start your booking today! 

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