Melbourne holds a special place for all Australians: it’s a city full of fun, great food and exceptional street art. But, drive an hour out of the city and you’ll find amazing bush walks, rainforests and hidden gems you wouldn’t have ever dreamt up.

Let’s explore the list and dive right in!

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  1. Pentridge Prison
  2. Queen Victoria Markets
  3. Old Melbourne Gaol
  4. Hosier Lane

Pentridge Prison in Melbourne

1. Pentridge Prison

Coburg, VIC

Pentridge Prison is one of the most famous prisons in Australia, run for 147 years with some of the most violent criminal offenders from all over Australia: including Ned Kelly and Chopper Reed. Opening in 1851 this building of course holds a lot of history and some may say it even has ghosts of past prisoners.

This hidden gem is located just 30 minutes out of Melbourne, making for a good day trip to Melbourne CBD and a tour around the prison at night.

The prison offers ghost tours from Friday to Sunday for as little as $48 per adult and is considered to be so spooky, you have to be 16+ to enter.

The prison has 44 bodies buried on site, so who knows, maybe it is haunted!

Queen Victoria Market - Woman buying items

2. Queen Victoria Markets

Queen Street, Melbourne

Where do we begin with the Queen Victoria Markets? They have been running since March 1878, so let’s just say they’ve had a lot of time to perfect it – and perfection is what it is.

This is a personal favourite for whenever a visit to Melbourne comes about, it is such a fulfilling experience, you get to adventure around the markets and get to immerse yourself in what Melbourne is all about. Depending on when you’re in Melbourne, the markets may differ – during the day it always has fresh food and coffee so grab all the snacks you can get and head to the park for the most boujee picnic you can have!

In December, it’s Monday night Christmas Markets, and come Summer, the Queen Victoria night markets operate from February to March on Wednesday nights.

All in all, this is a must when you do a Melbourne trip: perfect for families, couples and single travellers – from great food to great live entertainment, it’s all you need in one location.

Old Melbourne Gaol


3. Old Melbourne Gaol

Melbourne, VIC

The Old Melbourne Gaol went from being somewhere where they executed some of Australia’s most dangerous criminals, to being a heritage listed museum in the city of Melbourne. From getting your mugshots taken, to seeing where the executions were performed – the gaol hosts an eerie presence with history that keeps you hooked to find out more. This prison holds a huge amount of history like the imprisonment of the famous Ned Kelly where he was then executed in 1880 at just 25.

Old Melbourne Gaol offers both day and night time tours, so choose wisely, or take an evening tour for an extra rush of adrenaline.

Hosier Lane

4. Hosier Lane

Melbourne, VIC

Hosier Lane is a must-see for your walk around Melbourne! We all know Melbourne is known for its street art culture, and this certainly lives up to the hype.

Hosier Lane is known for its amazing urban art and for giving artists a safe place to express their creativity. In the 1990s Hosier Lane was announced as a venue for street art, and since then, the walls have been filled by the work of local artists.

This lane is just a short stroll from Flinders street station in Melbourne CBD, so grab a coffee and enjoy the free art show!

There we have it – if you’re in Melbourne and looking for attractions that fly under the radar, be sure to consider these options. What are you waiting for? Start exploring the hidden gems of Melbourne or check out our Melbourne Road Trips for more ideas.

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