Travelling Australia is a goal many people have at the top of their bucket lists – but unfortunately – it can be tricky to decide which places to visit in Australia, and how!

To get amongst the outdoors, and to help you absorb the best nature on offer, we’ve narrowed down our top reasons to travel Australia by campervan:

1. A Fresh View
2. Australian Flora & Fauna
3. Flexible Travel
4. Save Money
5. Stress-Free Travel
6. Experience Living in a Van

Let’s get straight to it…

A Fresh View

Our favourite thing about travelling in a campervan in Australia is having the ability to sleep wherever you want, whenever you want (within reason, of course).

Imagine being able to wake up, open the back door of your campervan and be greeted by a stunning sunrise over the ocean – what better way is there to start your day of adventure? You can start your morning slowly and have your morning coffee and breakfast right where you are. Best of all, you’ll be right where you need to be: at the beginning of a hiking trail in the Blue Mountains, somewhere on the east coast by a world-class surf beach, or right in the heart of the Red Centre nearby Uluru.

Waking up with an amazing view in a campervan

Australian Flora & Fauna

When it comes to enjoying Australia’s great outdoors and wildlife, there’s no better form of travelling that compares to being in a campervan. You’ll be spoilt for choice when searching for a campground to stay in for the night, many of them right within a gorgeous national park or by a white sand beach.

If you want to get up close and personal with wildlife, staying in these campgrounds is also your best bet for making that happen: kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, echidnas, koalas, goannas, emus, parrots, and many more native animals roam free right outside. You’ll probably miss out on these friendly creatures if you travel by bus, train or plane!

Campervan in nature with emus

Flexible Travel

Travelling in a campervan means you have the freedom and flexibility to go at your own pace and on your schedule. There’s no hanging about for scheduled trains or buses, or the stress that comes with you running late.

Love the location you’re staying in and want to spend another day? No problem! 

Want to head away from the crowds and travel off the beaten track? Just drive! 

Don’t fancy waking up early to haul your bags to the airport? Stay in the comfort of your home-on-wheels and get to your destination on your own time.

Exploring Australia in a campervan

Save Money

Though Australia might not necessarily be perceived as ‘cheap’ to travel, you can certainly do it on a budget when you hire a campervan for your journey. The initial cost of hiring a campervan might seem high – especially if you’re travelling in peak season – but in the long run, it’ll provide you with incomparable savings to any other way of travelling.

Especially in the low-season, extra savings are up for grabs, in addition to year-round long-hire discounts when you rent beyond 14 or 30 days. Considering that the cost of hotels and even hostels in Australia are not cheap, you’ll still need to pay for your bus tickets, car rental, or flights on top.

Once you’ve paid for your campervan rental, you’ll essentially have all your accommodation and transport all-in-one – plus a kitchen to save on your grocery budget.

Take note as well that the price of campgrounds in Australia is quite reasonable, not to mention there are plenty of opportunities to camp for free.

Travelling on a budget in a campervan in Australia

Stress-Free Travel

We have all experienced how frustrating and time-consuming it can be lugging around a suitcase, trying to find your accommodation, and checking in and out of hotels. What a hassle!

Skip all of that when you travel in a campervan, and you can take your accommodation with you everywhere you go. Plus, when you have a kitchen and a bed on board, you can snack and nap whenever you want. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

Practical and stress free travel in a campervan

Experience Living in a Van

We’re sure you’ve seen the idyllic point-of-view photos out the back of a van or stylishly designed campervans that are nicer than some of our homes!

The #VanLife has become bigger and more popular than ever, and for a good reason – people around the world realise why campervan travel is so amazing and how there’s no other way to have an adventure like it. So, why not join the ever-growing community?

We love meeting and chatting with fellow campervan travellers in campgrounds – everyone has their own unique stories of their time on-the-road. You’ll be away from the hustle and bustle during your road trip, and can enjoy some peace and quiet, not to mention, freedom, flexibility, and stress-free travel.

Van Life in Australia with Travellers Autobarn

Are you ready to explore Australia in a campervan? Travellers Autobarn has plenty of 2-5 berth campervans available for all budgets. Get a quote on a rental today and start exploring Australia in the most enjoyable and memorable way possible!

Still need more convincing? This video will have you packing your bags…

Have you been lucky enough to experience some of this yourself? If you’re just planning your trip, make sure you know what to look out for – we’ve even created a little checklist to help out. Here are 15 things you must know before booking a campervan. Don’t forget to check out our latest deals & specials on campervan hire in Australia.

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