You’ve hired your campervan, ready to explore Australia – and now you’re being held back by a ‘technicality’ or something in the fine print.

Although we love just about everything about the outdoors, being struck by a nasty surprise is certainly not one of them – so, a little preparation and research cannot be underestimated.

To save you from a heap of hassle, we’ve gathered the top 15 travel tips before renting a campervan. Use this guide to pick everything from the right vehicle, to the right rental agency.

Let’s get started!



Look out for the number of passengers that can sleep in the campervan – called the ‘berth’. If it says 2-berth, this is normally because legally only 2 people can be seated in this vehicle.

Remember, Australia has strict road rules around wearing seatbelts – so no – you cannot sit a third passenger in the back of the van if there isn’t a se