Planning a full 14-day road trip from Sydney to Adelaide is an exciting opportunity for anyone who is looking for a memorable adventure. The cities themselves offer stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife and striking architecture, while the space in between provides an array of landscapes to explore. With all these experiences within reach in just 14 days, this journey is ideal for travellers who want to experience an unforgettable adventure.

Sydney to Adelaide Distance

For the adventure-seekers looking for an extended road trip, it doesn’t get much better than a 14-day journey from Sydney to Adelaide. With 1,833 km to explore on the way, there is always something new and interesting around each corner. Along the way, there are countless national park and wildlife sanctuaries that should not be missed, so there is plenty of stops to take along the route.

After your 20 hours and 15 minutes of scenic driving with an array of luscious landscapes and rolling green hills, you’ll eventually make it to your destination in Adelaide – one of Australia’s many exceptional cities.

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Day 1-2: Sydney to Canberra

Travel Time: 3 hours
Campervan parked next to Bronte Beach in Sydney

From the capital city of New South Wales to Australia’s capital, you will find yourself immersed in Canberra’s many wonders. With celebrated landmarks such as The Australian War Memorial and the National Gallery of Australia, visitors can learn more about the country’s rich history and vibrant national identity.

Sightseeing #1: Australian War Memorial

Australia’s War Memorial is a solemn reminder of the resilience, courage, and loyalty of all Australian service personnel. Visiting this memorial offers an unparalleled opportunity to comprehend Australia’s identity and history. Paying homage to such an integral part of our culture is appropriate when in Canberra – it celebrates who we are as a nation.

Sightseeing #2: Mount Ainslie Lookout

Offering a breathtaking panorama of Canberra, Mt Ainslie Lookout is one of the city’s most treasured landmarks. It holds highly regarded historical and Indigenous cultural significance, with up to 31 Aboriginal Heritage sites located on its grounds. Not only that, but this site was part of Walter Burley Griffin’s original design for Canberra when it was first established over 100 years ago.

Day 3-4: Canberra to Albury-Wodonga

Travel Time: 3 hours 30 minutes
View along Kings Avenue towards the Australian-American Memorial in Canberra, ACT, Australia

As you continue your scenic journey eastward through Hume Highway, instead of Sturt Highway, for faster access, get ready to be captivated by the beauty of the Murray River and welcomed by the vibrant culture found in Albury and Wodonga. Here, travellers can indulge in delicious local fare, explore stunning outdoor locations and enjoy a thriving arts scene. Plus, with nearby Snowy Mountains and Rutherglen wine region, this area is perfect for visitors wanting to experience a myriad of landmarks on their Sydney-Adelaide drive.

Sightseeing #1: Albury Botanic Garden

Albury Botanic Garden offers a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. With its variety of native plants, exotic trees, colourful beds and tranquil picnic areas, visitors can explore its extensive grounds without leaving the centre of Albury’s CBD. The garden features include an Australian rainforest along with succulent gardens – it is truly a special place to take some time out to enjoy nature in all its beauty.

Sightseeing #2: Lake Hume

Lake Hume is a spectacular and indispensable water reservoir located in Australia’s picturesque landscapes. Here, you can experience delightful nature pastimes such as fishing, hiking, cycling, picnicking or camping. Not to mention the breathtaking views of its mountains, islands and non-tidal river beds that it offers – making it one of the best tourist attractions in Australia. But even more importantly, Lake Hume acts not only as a recreational asset but also as one of Australia’s most vital sources of drinking water.

Day 5-6: Albury-Wodonga to Melbourne

Travel Time: 3 hours 30 minutes
Melbourne City Skyline, Australia

On days 5 and 6 of this Sydney to Adelaide road trip, you will find yourself in Melbourne. This vibrant city boasts an incredible range of activities, from visiting its many galleries, theatres and cultural institutions to checking out its sports stadiums and parks. You could spend an entire day exploring the heritage-listed architecture along the busy city streets or wander around local cafes and bars while soaking up the city’s unique atmosphere. Whatever you choose to do in Melbourne, it is guaranteed to be a memorable experience worth writing home about.

Sightseeing #1: Eureka Towers

The unmistakable Eureka Tower stands tall and proud in Melbourne, boasting a staggering 297 metres of height. Recognised as the world’s tallest residential tower until it was outranked by two buildings in Dubai, this 24-carat gold-plated apex remains an awe-inspiring sight to behold thanks to its photogenic look that reflects sunlight from any angle. An annual climb event gives visitors a chance to ascend 3,680 steps starting at ground level all the way up to the 91st floor – providing incredible views along with a symbolic representation of progress and opportunity within Melbourne’s skyline.

Sightseeing #2: Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, a gorgeous 38-hectare sanctuary situated in Melbourne, is renowned for its peaceful ambience and long-standing history. Tour this stunning botanical haven to discover an impressive array of 8500 plant species from around the world that, includes camellias and cacti. Unwind as you appreciate nature while learning about conservation, science, and horticulture.

Day: 7-8 Melbourne to Geelong

Travel Time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Markets in Melbourne, Australia

Having reached the halfway point of your 14-day Sydney to Adelaide road trip, it is time to explore Geelong and its local attractions. Geelong is a multicultural destination that plays host to events of all types, including sporting tournaments, music concerts, car racing events, art exhibitions, and fresh food markets. Residents here attain a strong sense of community spirit, and there are plenty of ways to get involved with local activities.

Sightseeing #1: Geelong Waterfront

Geelong Waterfront offers a memorable experience for all who visit, featuring awe-inspiring ocean views, fine dining establishments, and picturesque piers. Plus, you’ll never run out of accommodation options with hotels situated nearby – making it the perfect spot to take weekend getaways or enjoy an extended stay any time of year.

Sightseeing #2: Eastern Beach Reserve

Eastern Beach Reserve is a central attraction in the diverse landscape of Geelong, drawing visitors from around the world. Recent renovations to this historical reserve have created a delightful area for everyone to explore and enjoy. From the iconic sea baths and boardwalk as well as diving towers, children’s pool, floating islands and more, Eastern Beach allows guests to leisurely spend the day outdoors.

Day 9-10: Geelong to Warrnambool

Travel Time: 2 hours 15 minutes
Person going out for a surf in Australia

Warrnambool is the typical Australian coastal town, offering plenty of activities to help visitors make the most out of their stay. From surf, rock and sport fishing at Levys Beach and Killarney Beach to appreciate the views across Logans Beach – a safe spot to see whales – Warrnambool guarantees an unforgettable experience. Nature enthusiasts will thrill at visiting some of the charming gardens and parks, as well as exploring calm estuaries on the Hopkins and Merri Rivers.

Sightseeing #1: Logan’s Beach

Logan’s Beach is a coastal paradise, boasting an incredible selection of marine life and breathtaking ocean views. Nature lovers can revel in the remarkable variety of birds regularly visiting this idyllic beach throughout the year. During certain months, Southern Right Whales can be seen swimming in Lady Bay—a sight sure to evoke enduring memories for all who witness it. With its lush natural beauty and abundant wildlife, Logan’s Beach is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most captivating destinations.

Sightseeing #2: Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village

Discover the lost tales of maritime exploration as you explore Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village in Warrnambool. Set against a stunning coastal backdrop, this historical museum and village bring to life the thrilling stories of ships and their crews that were tragically claimed by the Shipwrecked Coast over a century ago. Experience the atmosphere of a genuine 19th Century maritime village, complete with restored buildings and costumed guides.

Day 11: Warrnambool to Mount Gambier

Travel Time: 2 hours 15 minutes
Sinkhole in Mount Gambier

A road trip through South Australia wouldn’t be complete without a stop in Mount Gambier, the second-largest town in the region. Teeming with geological marvels, visitors to the area can bask in the wonders of the Limestone Coast; the Blue Lake with its sapphire waters, Little Blue Lake and the stunning Umpherston Sinkhole are must-see locations. For those seeking a bit of nightlife to their adventures, there is a New Orleans-style jazz bar sure to please everyone, while water enthusiasts can explore Piccaninnie Ponds and Kilsby Sinkhole via snorkel or scuba diving.

Sightseeing #1: Umpherston Sinkhole

Nestled in Mount Gambier is the majestic Umpherston Sinkhole – an awe-inspiring attraction that beckons visitors from near and far. The limestone rocks of this collapsed chamber roof have been eroded away by time’s tides to create a stunning garden with lush plants, vibrant shrubs, and towering trees. Come for an invigorating stroll along its tranquil pathways, or just enjoy some peaceful moments as you take in the captivating view.

Sightseeing #2: Engelbrecht Cave

Engelbrecht Cave is a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered by those who venture down the Limestone Coast. Join your guide on an awe-inspiring 45-minute tour of this underground wonder and witness its crystal clear waters, geological wonders, and ancient history firsthand! From secret passages that can only be accessed by professional cave divers to learning about the region’s past, you’ll truly have a one-of-a-kind experience at Engelbrecht Cave.

Day 12: Mount Gambier to Keith

Travel Time: 2 hours 15 minutes
Person in car observing kangaroos on side of road, Australia

Keith is an iconic destination along the 14-day Sydney to Adelaide road trip. It is well known as the gateway to Limestone Coast, having been proclaimed in 1889 with agriculture at its core. The picturesque town boasts magnificent gums along the Dukes Highway and purple paddocks of lucerne as far as the eye can see, thereby earning it the title of ‘lucerne capital of Australia’. Keith is truly a feast for the eyes and deserves plenty of attention from travellers on this wonderful road trip.

Sightseeing #1: Mount Monster Conservation Park

Located 12 km south of Keith, the park offers numerous features to explore, including a dramatic granite outcrop found almost exclusively in its area. A 15-minute climb takes visitors up to its summit, providing an outstanding view overlooking the bolder-strewn hills and plains of the surrounding countryside. It is a unique opportunity to observe the stunning geological formations only native to this region and provides a gripping reminder of why Mount Monster Conservation Park is so renowned.

Sightseeing #2: Don Moseley Park

With its expansive green lawns, peaceful atmosphere and abundance of wildlife, one can spend hours outdoors enjoying the scenic landscape. Additionally, the park hosts both the annual Jazz Festival and Folk Festival, making it a great destination for culture enthusiasts from around the country who wish to enjoy some live music under the stars.

Day 13-14: Keith to Adelaide

Travel Time: 2 hours 30 minutes
Willunga Beach, South Australia

After journeying through endless stunning rolling hills and breathtaking sights, Day 13-14 brings your road trip to its final destination – you’re now entering the Adelaide hills. The beautiful capital city of South Australia, Adelaide, is the fifth largest capital in Australia, making it a major hub for international students. You will not only find yourself in the gateway city to popular locations such as Kangaroo Island and some of the nation’s best wine regions – Clare Valley, McLaren Vale and Barossa Valley – but you will also have access to a plethora of attractions dotted within the city itself such as the Adelaide Central Market, Adelaide Oval and Adelaide Botanic Gardens.

Sightseeing #1: Adelaide Botanic Gardens

As the oldest public garden in Adelaide, the Adelaide Botanic Garden offers visitors a unique combination of stunning architecture, glorious open lawns and avenues, captivating sculptures and a selection of Australia’s best botanical collections. Here, nature enthusiasts will find thousands of exotic species to explore and get lost in.

Sightseeing #2: Adelaide Oval

Adelaide Oval provides a stunning backdrop for an array of world-class events. Whether it’s catching the latest cricket or football match, attending a vibrant concert, or celebrating a special event, Adelaide Oval has got all of your needs covered. The stadium upholds its strong historical legacy through features like the Heritage Scoreboard and century-old Moreton Bay Fig Trees. Additionally, the grassy Northern Mound allows visitors to savour stunning views of the grounds – making for an unforgettable experience.

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