Australia’s Sunshine Coast is one of the most beautiful stretches of land in the country, offering comfortable temperatures all year round. Even in the winter, temperatures average about 21 degrees, making this an ideal escape from the cold in other areas of Australia. In the summer, temperatures reach about 29 degrees – perfect beach weather!

To fully appreciate the beauty of this region, a campervan road trip gives you ample opportunity to stop and enjoy the scenery.

Here at Travellers Autobarn, we were featured in a Bupa Travel Insurance article about the best road trips in Australia, with our campervan hire services offering the perfect way to get away from it all and enjoy your holiday.‘Founded by passionate ex-backpackers and travellers,’ says Bupa, ‘Travellers Autobarn knows Australia and knows campervans. They have a huge range of campervans and vehicles to rent and buy and offer a guaranteed buy-back scheme for those looking to undertake a longer adventure.’

‘Some of The Best Road Trips in Australia’ nominates our campervan service for a road trip on the Queensland’s Sunshine Coast with kids. Our campervans for hire range in size from station wagons up to full family campervans. These options offer plenty of space for your entire family to get comfortable while on the road.



Quick stats

66km trip distance

2 day roadtrip

campervan recommended

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Enjoy the Drive

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Whether your next stop is the picturesque Kings Beach or the bustling markets of Eumundi, everyone in the family will enjoy the drive.

Spending time on the road can be a great opportunity for some family bonding time, whether it’s playing I-Spy, rocking out to the radio or taking in the passing scenery.

Sleep up to 5 People

Food travel

Especially when travelling with the whole family, it is important to keep costs under control. Rolling in your accommodation with transport provides a great alternative to pricey hotels. Our larger campervans include sleeping room for up to five people!

They usually include a kitchenette as well, which allows you to cook for yourselves rather than having to dine in restaurants for every meal. Of course, you don’t want to miss some of the excellent seafood served in restaurants along the Sunshine Coast. However, having the option for a relatively inexpensive meal on your own can go a long way towards keeping overall costs down.

Buy a Campervan

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If you absolutely love taking campervan road trips up the Sunshine Coast and just can’t get enough of that beautiful sunshine, you may want to consider buying one of our campervans rather than simply hiring one for a specific trip. This way, you’ll be ready to hit the road at a moment’s notice!

Sales and Rentals

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Whether you are looking for a car, wagon on van, we can help. For car and campervan hire in Australia. For all car and campervan sales click here.

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