We’re super excited to announce the launch of the Official Travellers Autobarn app. We’ve specially designed this app to make your campervan road trip the best that it can be. No more faffing around trying to find the nearest petrol station or camp ground. We’ve got everything sorted from your nearest watering hole (as in actual H2O!), to the closest laundromat or your nearest ATM plus loads more. If you’re planning a road trip around Australia or New Zealand and want your road trip to be smooth as possible and have ‘no worries’, you definitely need to give this baby a download!

Travellers Autobarn App


Also, did we mention that it’s completely FREE. Our App works on both Android and iOS and can be downloaded from Google Play and iTunes.


We’ve designed it with our road trippers in mind, so not only does it feature all your closest amenities, but also the more serious stuff too. And by serious stuff we mean infor